Arm Knitting

A form of knitting that is common in Indian households uses wool-yarn and 2 knitting needles to knit items like sweaters / pullovers etc. for winter.

Arm-knitting technique uses very thick yarn and the 2 arms of a person (instead of 2 knitting needles) to knit items like Yoga-mats.

For this project 5 ‘Chunni’ (or Chunri) were used. Each chunni was cut in 4 strips length-wise. These 20 cut-chunnies were tied together to make a long yarn or rope. And that was used as a yarn.

The end product can be used as a Yoga-mat, a wall-hanging, or a curtain as shown below.WF Arm Knitting - usesA step-by-step guide on how to make this available in the following 7 videos.

7 videos with total duration 9:83 minutes
Step-by-step instruction

Arm Knitting 01 – introduction
0:57 minutes

Arm Knitting 02 – about
0:35 minutes

Arm Knitting 03 – continental arm knitting
0:39 minutes

Arm Knitting 04 – first knot, 12 knots
3:11 minutes

Arm Knitting 05 – closer view
0:55 minutes

Arm Knitting 06 – transferring from left arm to right arm
2:28 minutes

Arm Knitting 07 – completing
2:58 minutes

The above shown videos were created while a trial item was knitted. The next stage involves using khadi hand-made fabric made from hand-spun threads. These would be manually dyed and soaked in Ganga water to achieve firm knots in creating a long ‘yarn’. More items will be knitted using that.

Persons located in various cities may remotely participate with the project. They may use any materials like used-saris etc. A temporary WhatsApp group is being created for the purpose. To join it, please complete the form given below.

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