Decemberists!: Margharita, With A Straw

“In ceaseless motion round the purple rim Day after day sped by like coloured spokes, And through a glamour of shifting hues of air The seasons drew in linked significant dance The symbol pageant of the changing year.” Impairment in the human ability isn’t and shouldn’t be a limitation to creativity. On the contrary, the … Continue reading Decemberists!: Margharita, With A Straw

Wahe Movember!: Scribe’s Block Impressions

“Half-risen then she sent her gaze around, As if to recover old sweet trivial threads, Old happy thoughts, small treasured memories, And weave them into one immortal day.” Saint Namdev (1270 AD) made devotional compositions on Lord Vishnu. His creations are also included in the Guru Granth Sahib, the bible for the Sikh. Saint Namdev … Continue reading Wahe Movember!: Scribe’s Block Impressions

Celebrations +++: Oktoberfest: Aachman of Celestial Ganges

“In us too the intuitive Fire can burn; An agent Light, it is coiled in our folded hearts, On the celestial levels is its home: Descending, it can bring those heavens here.” The United Nations has the most number of observations in the 2nd half of its calendar in the month of October. The Hindi … Continue reading Celebrations +++: Oktoberfest: Aachman of Celestial Ganges

Death Enables Birth : The Drama of Earth

“Armoured, protected by their lethal masks, As in a studio of creative Death The giant sons of Darkness sit and plan The drama of the earth, their tragic stage.” Shraadh is the annual fortnight during which ceremonies are held for the souls of the deceased/ ancestors on the relevant days. Naarayani Shila is a unique … Continue reading Death Enables Birth : The Drama of Earth

Sanskrit & Babylon: Inspirations from languages, art, culture

“The world is a spiritual paradox Invented by a need in the Unseen, A poor translation to the creature’s sense Of That which for ever exceeds idea and speech, A symbol of what can never be symbolised, A language mispronounced, misspelt, yet true.” 01 - 28 August 2018 (28 days) India has 22 recognised languages. … Continue reading Sanskrit & Babylon: Inspirations from languages, art, culture

Reaching AZIMVTH, Haridwar

365 Haridwar is the International Artist Residency programme at AZIMVTH Ashram. It is situated inside a locality called Arya Nagar. Arya Nagar is part of a cluster of adjoining and related yet independent entities promoted by the Arya Samaj movement. The first of these was Gurukul Kangri University founded in 1902. It is a part … Continue reading Reaching AZIMVTH, Haridwar

A River on Shoulders: Kanwar Pilgrimage

01 – 28 July 2018 (28 days) “He made great dreams a mould for coming things And cast his deeds like bronze to front the years. His walk through Time outstripped the human stride. Lonely his days and splendid like the sun’s”. 10 million+ participate in this annual pilgrimage that happens only in Haridwar India. … Continue reading A River on Shoulders: Kanwar Pilgrimage