International professional artists visit and stay for a typical period of 4 weeks at AZIMVTH in Haridwar, India. Some of the recent artists hailed from the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Thailand, and New Zealand. Artists work on projects that have clear spiritual themes. About 100 local persons in Haridwar have participated in supporting or co-creating these arts.

Each of the art-piece being made available for gifting is one-of-its-kind.

Modular Art Cards

Title: Panch Vati: Funf Blatter (5 Sacred leaves)

Set: A set of 12 art-works

Size: Each of the 12 cards has a size of 15 cm x 9 cm.

Modular: Each of the 12 cards is designed in a way that it can be used in any of the 4 orientations. The 12 cards be arranged in hundreds of ways to create a variety of formations. If the 12 cards are arranged together, with no gaps among them, to create on art-work then several dimensions are possible; some examples being – 180 cm x 9 cm, 15 cm x 108 cm, 45 cm x 36 cm, 60 cm x 27 cm, 2 feet x 1 foot approximately. A visual example can be seen in the image below.

panch vati - all 12 art works in one imagePicture post card: The specifications of the size and the quality of the paper of these cards meet the standards of India Posts. Each card can be used individually as a picture post card by affixing the required postage on the back side as shown below.

panch vati - back side

It can be used as a post-card and put in mail after affixing the required postage stamps on the back side. In such a case there is no need to keep the card in an envelope.

Medium: Digital 4 colour printing of arts on the front of the card and screen printing on the back side.

Unique: Only 99 sets of this art-set were printed. Each card has a unique 3 digit number (ranging from 1 to 1188) manually stamped in red ink on the back side.

Blessed: Each Modular Art Card has a drop of Ganga water tinged with lightest blue water-colour individually and artistically applied on the back side. This is a libation of the sacred element at Lord Rama, artistically expressed as a Panch Vati Modular Art Card.

Bonus: Every person who is sent these gifts will also be eligible to have a 50% discount on the astrology services as mentioned here.

panch vati - description 1

panch vati - description 2

Costs: The suggested donation for a set of 12 Modular Art Cards is USD 60. These works of spiritual-arts are meant as artistic blessings and gifts. Only a limited number of these are available.

Discount: Bona-fide applicants can make a suggested donation of only USD 48. Various kinds of persons qualify for a discount, examples being persons who have –

  • a degree in fine arts
  • a degree relating to spirituality
  • a prime occupation related to fine-arts
  • a prime occupation related to spirituality

Exhaustive eligible list is contained in the Gift Request Form.

Shipping: Gifts are shipped internationally. Postage does not need to be paid separately.

Gift Request Form: AZIMVTH reserves the right to accept any request. No donation payment should be sent before receiving a confirmation from AZIMVTH. One may request gifts for someone else or for herself.  Requests can be made through the following Gift Request Form.