Artists with Children

“The Infants of the monarchy of the worlds,
The heroic leaders of a coming time,
King-children nurtured in that spacious air
Like lions gambolling in sky and sun
Received half-consciously their godlike stamp:
Formed in the type of the high thoughts they sang
They learned the wide magnificence of mood
That makes us comrades of the cosmic urge,
No longer chained to their small separate selves,
Plastic and firm beneath the eternal hand,
Met Nature with a bold and friendly clasp
And served in her the Power that shapes her works.”

‘365 Haridwar’ is an international artist residency programme located inside a century old cluster of an Indian reformist tradition. 365 Haridwar aims to bring together ancient & future, global & local, and art & spirituality.

Artists with children (aged 6 to 12 years) participate together.

Parents get sufficient time for their work as children are usefully occupied.

It is not a requirement that children should also engage in arts during residency. However, accompanied children are encouraged to take up some extra hobby or craft. Examples of the options available are –

Hobby / crafts for children

  • Numismatics. For centuries, devout pilgrims consider it customary to offer coins to the holy river Ganges in Haridwar. During festivals and special occasions, there is a deluge of coins. This has created a mini coin-industry here. Across dozens of locations on Ganges, everyday, coin collectors / divers with baskets and magnets tied on lengths of strings can be seen scouring the river. On the ghats, there are several vendors who sell coins. many of these coins are out of circulation for a long time.
    Children use these coins for various crafts, for example, shading the raised surfaces of coins on paper with pencils.
  • Philately. Postage stamps are customised with images of children. These are valid stamps and can be used for mailing.
  • Arts / Crafts.
    • Making mala / rosary of beads of Rudraksh grown in Haridwar.
    • Playing musical instruments like manjira.
    • Chanting and singing is easily picked up by children.
  • Academic. Some academic work, but not based based on any specific grade or text-books, is encouraged.
    • Children can also be taught to write sacred Sanskrit alphabets.
    • Mathematics is useful for children of all ages.
    • Geography,history, and cultural interactions are useful for children.

Parents are responsible for their children.
Special food requirements, for children, if any may need special arrangements.


  • Visiting Ganges ghats,temples, ashrams
  • Pilgrim interactions
  • Local collaborations
  • Exhibit
  • Print media coverage
  • Local music instruments
  • Conditional access to a Braille printing press
  • Arts mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Drawing / writing / performing projects


  • En-suite room
  • Shared studio
  • Twice daily Yoga teaching
  • Om & mantra chanting initiation
  • Daily lecture & discussion
  • Options at other cluster-locations
  • 3 meals, 2 herbal tea + snacks
  • Sachet tea/ 24 hours
  • Daily small basket of fresh flowers
  • Towels, bedding
  • Laundry
  • Ayurveda doctor visit every 3rd day

Benefits and Costs

The fee includes many other benefits. more details on benefits and costs can be seen here.

More programmes relevant to children are listed below.

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Amateur Sk – Etching
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Schools in the East and the West
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