Amateur Sk – Etching

Etching or Engraving from Sketching! One can make a piece of nice visual art that may be interpreted as an engraving or sand-art.

Materials needed: A new unruled notebook of A4 size that has many, say 100, pages. A ball-point pen. An inspiration from a painting, photograph, a memory or just imagination!

This approach will work only in a new notebook.

Step1: Make a sketch with the ball-point pen on the first page. For example:

Step 2:  Turn the next page. You will notice that the ball-point pen has made a clear impression on the next page. This looks like an etching. This can be placed in an appropriate place. A room with a single window (or focused light source) is better. You can place this page of the notebook to receive light at the desired side – top, bottom, right or left. You may use a common mobile phone (with camera) to take a picture. The camera should not be directly above the page. The camera should be at the opposite side of the window. Take a picture bending down to the level of the page but at an angle approaching 180 degrees. Transfer the picture to a Personal Computer for better handling. The image may look like this.

Step 3: Use common photo tools to crop and give effects as per your choice. An example is given below.
20170322_091548 - Copy

The etched work is ready!

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