Amateur Sk – Etching

Etching or Engraving from Sketching! One can make a piece of nice visual art that may be interpreted as an engraving or sand-art.

Materials needed: A new unruled notebook of A4 size that has many, say 100, pages. A ball-point pen. An inspiration from a painting, photograph, a memory or just imagination!

This approach will work only in a new notebook.

Step1: Make a sketch with the ball-point pen on the first page. For example:

Step 2:  Turn the next page. You will notice that the ball-point pen has made a clear impression on the next page. This looks like an etching. This can be placed in an appropriate place. A room with a single window (or focused light source) is better. You can place this page of the notebook to receive light at the desired side – top, bottom, right or left. You may use a common mobile phone (with camera) to take a picture. The camera should not be directly above the page. The camera should be at the opposite side of the window. Take a picture bending down to the level of the page but at an angle approaching 180 degrees. Transfer the picture to a Personal Computer for better handling. The image may look like this.

Step 3: Use common photo tools to crop and give effects as per your choice. An example is given below.
20170322_091548 - Copy

The etched work is ready!

More programmes relevant to children are listed below.

Artist Family in India
Residency titled ‘Children & Art, Escaping Pollution’ is of duration 3 to 7 days and is primarily meant for families living in India. More information is available here.

Artists with Children
Residency titled ‘Artists with Children’ is for longer durations and is meant for artists living outside and planning to visit India with children. More information is available here.

Amateur Sk – Etching
Children can be taught this fun art-project. More information is available here.

Schools in the East and the West
AZIMVTH Ashram strives to bring original spiritual arts to the mainstream education at Ph.D., graduate, as well as O, A, and all levels of schooling. More information is available here.

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