Artist Family in India: Children & Art, Escaping Pollution

Encourage children for liberal arts, enjoy a learning vacation, away from pollution.

3 – 7 days

Banks of Ganges, foothills of Himalayas
Haridwar, India
250 km from New Delhi

Family size – 2 to 4 persons
Duration of art residency – 3 to 7 days

‘365 Haridwar’ is an international artist residency programme located inside a century old cluster of an Indian reformist tradition. 365 Haridwar aims to bring together ancient & future, global & local, and art & spirituality.

Artistic parents desirous of encouraging their children for liberal arts are invited as a family (2 – 4 persons). Children can immerse in typical Indian culture that will enrich their understanding. Parents will get to re-visit their own creativities.

The environmental pollution in Delhi and Indian metro cities impacts a 100 km radius. Though fog in north India is a natural welcome phenomenon, in cities during winter, it lingers 24 hours a day and for many weeks. At Haridwar, it is still natural – few hours a day for couple of weeks – and thus enjoyable.

Ganges flows about 100 m away from AZIMVTH. Rajaji National Park (with elephants, leopards etc.) in Himalayas is 4 km away.


  • Painting
  • Calligraphy
  • Photography
  • Visual art
  • Documentary
  • Sanskrit / Hindi
  • Mixed media
  • Picture books
  • Writing
  • Projects
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Photo essay
  • Woodwork
  • Liberal arts
  • Culinary art


  • Visiting river, mountains
  • Suggestions on visiting Rajaji National Park
  • Visiting Ganges ghats,temples, ashrams
  • Exhibit
  • Print media coverage
  • Local music instruments
  • Daily music coaching
  • Visit by designer / tailor for hand-spun yarn and fabric
  • Breath & Yoga training


  • 1 en-suite room
  • 1 studio
  • Options to work at other cluster-locations
  • 3 meals, 2 herbal tea + snacks
  • Sachet tea/coffee 24 hrs
  • Daily small basket of fresh flowers
  • Towels, bedding
  • 1 rope way trolly / rope-way / gondola ride to hill-peak
  • 30 minute river cruise
  • Chanting coaching
  • Ayurveda doctor visit every 3rd day
  • One Indian kurta (shirt) and pajama, made of hand spun khadi (cotton) tailored by residency designer / tailor.


  • Special dietary requirements
  • Art materials
  • Internet usage


  • Nominal fee for boarding / lodging of 1 accompanied help


Selection of the participant-family is made through an application form. Information is to be submitted for each participating member of an applicant-family.


  • At least one child should be in the age-group 6 to 12 years
  • At least one of the parents / legal guardian is to participate
  • Other relations can also participate
  • Minimum and maximum number of family-members who can participate are 2 and 4 respectively
  • One driver / maid / help can join the family, besides four members, if absolutely needed.
  • The minimum and maximum duration of residency for each family is 3 and 7 respectively.
  • The focus of this residency programme is to encourage children to explore liberal arts and co-creating with their families.
  • Each participating member is expected to create some sort of art-form
  • The programme isn’t a pure touristic venture and it is expected that participants don’t consider this as just another week-end get-away.

It is important to note that there is a lot of flexibility. Applicants are encouraged to enquire and suggest any special requirements / modifications.

Please write to us a brief e-mail at azimvth (at) gmail (dot) com expressing an interest in applying and giving the dates / duration of your stay. Contact can also be made via the online contact-form available on our website under heading ‘Contact’ at the weblink –

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