Buddha Jumps Over the River: Kalki in 3378 A.D.

01 – 28 April 2021  (28 days)

“Where life is only a labour and a hope,
A child of Matter and by Matter fed,
A fire flaming low in Nature’s grate,
A wave that breaks upon a shore in Time,
A journey’s toilsome trudge with death for goal?
The Avatars have lived and died in vain,
Vain was the sage’s thought, the prophet’s voice;
In vain is seen the shining upward Way.”

HERMAN -SMORENBURG-light-descending-1Buddha is considered the 9th and the penultimate Avataar of Lord Vishnu. Kalki, the 10th and the last one is yet to reincarnate. Buddha Purnima, the full-moon’s night in April is the only festival in a Hindu calendar that has a connection to Buddha. It is a federal government holiday in India. It is also observed as a UN day.

30th April is also the International Jazz Day. thelonious monk time

Buddha is said to have flown across the holy river Ganges at two important points in life – while leaving his kingdom and while coming for the first sermon after his revelation.

The festival of Ganga Saptami celebrating the rebirth of Ganges is also in April.

Anniversaries of 3 of the 10 forms of Shakti (Mahavidya) goddesses – Matangi, Bagalamukhi, and Chinnamasta – are also in April. The chief form of Shakti i.e. Parvati was born in Haridwar.

(C) Images top to bottom:  HERMAN – SMORENBURG-light-descending-1, TIME magazine, Victoria & Albert Museum London, Brooklyn Museum, David Kinsley

Dasavatar,_19th_century 2000 px3 more of the 10 Avataars of Lord Vishnu, Kurma (2nd), Narasimha (4th) and Parashurama (6th) have anniversaries in April. Parashurama will be the martial Guru of Kalki, in the year 3378 A.D. Or 428898 A.D.


  • Sanskrit / Hindi  matangi for website84.201.9_IMLS_SL2
  • Calligraphy
  • Photography
  • Visual art
  • Documentary
  • Spirituality
  • Performance art
  • New media
  • Linguistics
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Education
  • Yoga
  • Everybody
  • Art of Life


  • Visiting Ganges ghats,temples, ashrams  Bagalamukhi_Matrika
  • Pilgrim interactions
  • Local collaborations
  • Exhibit
  • Print media coverage
  • Local music instruments
  • Conditional access to a Braille printing press
  • Arts mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Drawing / writing / performing projects


  • En-suite room  chinnamasta david kinsley
  • Shared studio
  • Twice daily Yoga teaching
  • Om & mantra chanting initiation
  • Daily lecture & discussion
  • Options at other cluster-locations
  • 3 meals, 2 herbal tea + snacks
  • Sachet tea/ 24hrs
  • Daily small basket of fresh flowers
  • Towels, bedding
  • Laundry
  • Ayurveda doctor visit after every 3rd day


02  Florida Day
11 International Louie Louie Day
14 Korea Black Day
18 Akshaya Tritiya
Parashurama Jayanti
Matangi Jayanti
International Day For Monuments and Sites
20 Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti
Surdas Jayanti
21 UN World Creativity and Innovation Day
22 Ganga Saptami
UN International Mother Earth Day
23 Bagalamukhi jayanti
World Book Day
UN English Language Day
UN Spanish Language Day
24 Fashion Revolution Day
International Sculpture Day
25 ANZAC Day
27 (Netherlands) Kings Day
28 Narasimha Jayanti
Chhinnamasta Jayanti
UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work
29 Kurma Jayanti
International Dance Day
30 Buddha Purnima 2018
UN “Vesak”, the Day of the Full Moon
UN International Jazz Day

  April 2018
365 Arya Nagar Jwalapur
Haridwar 249407
Uttarakhand India

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