Physical Residencies: 12 from Jan to Dec

The 12 Physical Residencies programmes are located at the premises of AZIMVTH Ashram in Haridwar, India. Selected participants travel from any part of the world to Haridwar and reside at AZIMVTH Ashram at Haridwar in India.

There are 12 standard residency programmes from January to December. Across the year, various ancient Indian celebrations and observances happen in Haridwar. These become muse for themes for each month. A typical duration is 28 days, and shorter or longer stays are possible. A participant may join for a continuous block of 28 days, cutting across the months.

Each month has a focus, yet almost all of the themes are available round the year. These 12 programmes are repeating every year from 2017 to 2020. Modifications are made every year.

The ancient Hindu traditions, observances, and festivals are based on a luni-solar almanac. Thus, the dates shift every year.

All kinds of artists are invited to apply for all of the months.