online_Welcome 2023

04 Jan to 12 Jan 202301 to 09 Days Facilitated fromHaridwar IndiaBanks of GangaFoothills of Himalayas online_Welcome 2023Meditation & Yoga, Arts & Physiotherapy The programme is ideally suited to persons who are creative/artistic and spiritually inclined. The programme involves an hour-long meditation session in morning and another in evening. One can participate with any/both of … Continue reading online_Welcome 2023


The Kumbh Mela (Sanskrit: Pitcher Festival) is inscribed on the UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Kumbh is the world's largest peaceful gathering of human beings. Following image shows a painting depicting Kumbh Mela by Turner who features on the new British pound currency note. Part of the Ghaut at Hurdwar 1836 … Continue reading KUMBH MELA: ONCE-IN-TWELVE-YEARS VIRTUAL RESIDENCIES