The Healing Placebo

Please join us for a FREE series of 12 sessions of book discussions and reading wherein we will be exchanging views about mind-body relation, effects and benefits of meditation, our innate power of healing, and many more such engaging topics.
It will be a non-judgmental gathering where we can enquire and share


1) Who want to heal their bodies
2) Who want to heal their mind
3) Want to just explore the capacities of your mind and explore the feeling of bliss.

DATES– Starting from 12 July (Monday) till 24 July (Saturday), excluding Sundays.
TIME- 04:30 PM-5:30 PM IST

PLATFORM– ONLINE (GOOGLE MEET). If you are using a laptop or desktop computer then you don’t need to download any software to join this meeting. Moreover, it will be an audio meet, no requirements for switching on your camera.

REPORT – A summary of the proceedings of the workshop is available here –


Feedback from a couple of participants is given below.

“When I enrolled myself for this Study Group, I had very limited knowledge on the subject … It was the intrigue and curiosity that led me to join the group. The group, though small, comprised of individuals who were serious to understand how the concept of – mind over body works. … While the theory is sometimes a bit difficult to grasp, it is the true life examples which help you in understanding the concept. As we … proceeded,… the principle behind the change and healing in the body that can be brought about  by meditation and affirmations becomes more evident. The subsequent discussion amongst the participants allowed you to clarify the doubts that arose in the mind. It is truly a breakthrough in the possible cure of life threatening diseases and mental illnesses, in conjunction with regular treatment. 

I must thank both Mr, Tarun Kumar and Ms. Arushi Srivastava for planning and conducting the 12 day session flawlessly. It will be my privilege to attend any such sessions which may be held in future on such self-help topics.”

Retired senior corporate executive

“The … sessions … began as an exercise in curiosity and became a journey of discovery. I already knew the science behind how placebos work. However , the astonishing power of our unconscious beliefs was teased out in detail … The group … discussion made a lot of difference to how we understood and retained the science and practice of meditation to create new , healing beliefs. Thank you to Tarun Kumar of AZIMVTH Ashram, and to Arushi, for the concept and process. I ended with more commitment and respect for the power of meditation, and for creating our own self- healing and self – affirming beliefs.”

A medical doctor practicing in the Middle East.


To receive invite for our next such programmes you may send us your contact details at AZIMVTH (at) gmail (dot) com.