Yoga and Meditation: Courses, Practices, and Retreats

“The Yoga shall be given back to men,
The sects shall cease, the grim debates die out,
And Atheism perish from the earth
Blasted with knowledge, love and brotherhood
And wisdom repossess Sri Krishna’s world.”

AZIMVTH Ashram is located on the banks of Ganges and foothills of Himalayas at Haridwar, India. It aims to improve shared futures using the ancient heritage as catalysts.

AZIMVTH conducts primary research on subjects relating to spirituality, creativity, and Yoga, Ayurveda, and Astrology.

‘My Yoga’ is a programme to cater to the customised spiritual pursuits using Yoga and meditation.

AZIMVTH conducts online courses and offline retreats (at Haridwar, India) on Yoga & meditation. The programmes aim to explore and interpret the higher spiritual and ritual levels of Yoga (and meditation) besides just the common physical / Hatha-yoga exercises.


The unique features of AZIMVTH online Yoga & meditation programmes are –

  • Each course admits up to 9 participants only
  • Each participant gets individual attention
  • Each course is taught over a week and participation is free

The courses are –

  • Ritual of Breath-work: Pran-ayama for Mornings / anytime
  • Concordance of Sun Salutationes: Surya-Namaskar at Hours of Gods
  • Synchrony of Soul & Spirit: Meditating in Slumberous Shav-asana
  • Aspirations with Candela: Guided Meditation upon Light
  • Resolve and Make it Happen: Advanced Meditation for Immunity
  • Mantra Chants: Learn Accurate Powerful Chants

More information is available here.


AZIMVTH hosts Yoga & meditation retreats at Haridwar, India. The key features are –

  • Each retreat admits up to 3 participants only
  • Each participant is encouraged to use the opportunity for researching
  • Personalised attention in the ancient tradition is given to each participant.

The retreats are –

  • Fortnight of Meditating With Moon, A Craft Retreat
  • Ten Dawns at “Portal to Gods”
  • The Pantheon of Yoga
  • The Finishing School of Yoga in a Working-Week
  • Twin Nights With Ganga at Haridwar
  • A Night of Students

More information is available here.