My Yoga

“The Yoga shall be given back to men,
The sects shall cease, the grim debates die out,
And Atheism perish from the earth
Blasted with knowledge, love and brotherhood
And wisdom repossess Sri Krishna’s world.”

Yoga, or Yog is pronounced as in ‘rogue’ and not as in ‘toga’.

For information on the week long finishing course ‘My Yoga Intensive: Unanswered Questions of Yogi (ni) s‘ please see here.

The ancient scriptures, with Vedas dating back to 1700 BC, were in Sanskrit language. It is written in the script of Devanagari which literally means – ‘Divine Abode’ (Autobiography of a Yogi). The script is unicameral i.e. there is one set of alphabets like Hebrew. Originally, Latin was like that too. Hence there is no redundant confusion of interpretations of ‘yoga with capital Y’ vs. small as some Western authors have conjectured.

Yoga, in its preliminary steps can be considered as a set of physical exercises, the Hatha Yoga. Next layer is that fluid movements. Appropriate breathing improves it further. Right chanting completes this basic level. However, this is only an interim step. Not thinking anything or at least thinking only one thing (eg., breathing regimen) brings it a step closer to meditation.

The word Yoga means fusion or Yoke.

In real terms, all life is Yoga.

At AZIMVTH Ashram, strong emphasis is laid on customisation and  improvisation for each learner.

Following different activities are conducted –

Twice Daily, at Hours of Gods

  • Sun Salutatioines Yoga (Surya Namaskara)
  • Breathing Yoga (Pranayama)
  • Om Chanting Yoga (Udgita)
  • Meditation (Dhyan)
  • Specific Mantra Learning and Chanting
  • Sacred Alphabets

Once a Day

  • Spiritual Hymns (Sankirtan)
  • Spiritual Discourse (Pravachana)
  • Spiritual Discussion (Satsang)
  • Mentoring
  • Supporting Individual Participant Specific Project(s)

Once in 3 Days –

  • Divine Herbs-Medicine Counselling (Ayurveda)

Once a Week, Participant Specific –

  • Day Long Guided & Curated Field Visit
  • Half-day Long Guided & Curated Field Visit
  • Feedback Session

Once a Month –

  • Astrology discussion specific to an artist

Need Driven –

  • Life Coaching
  • Plan for future


Future Followups

Remote / Internet Based Ongoing Support