Online Yoga and Meditation Courses

We have curated a set of meditations and practices to be conducted online via internet keeping in context the ongoing pandemic and the general environment of gloom. These are part of some of our practices at AZIMVTH.


  • Lungs: Throat and lungs are directly affected causing difficulty in breathing. The course ‘Ritual of Breath-work’ teaches how to enhance breathing and lung capacity. It also attends to anxiety and depression.
  • Physical exercise: Those who are venturing out of their homes sparingly need compact exercise routine that is more than just a form of physical exercise. The course ‘Concordance of Sun Salutationes’ is a solution.
  • Sleep: The prevailing uncertainty adversely affects sleep that makes a person more susceptible to ailments. The course ‘Synchrony of Soul & Spirit’ teaches how to  self-induce meditative rest & relaxation.
  • Close-quarters: Most parts of the world have travel restrictions: not only on flights but also on driving out of homes and neighbourhoods within proximity. Staying indoors leads to eyes looking at short distances only. The course ‘Aspirations with Candela’ involves a variety of eye exercises leading to vivid visualisations of astral-travelling.
  • Immunity: Prevention is better than cure. Heightened immunity leads human body to resist new infections. The course ‘Resolve and Make it Happen’ teaches an advanced meditation culminating in a resolve that the meditator has high immunity.
  • General well-being: There is an over-all need of having generally a good mental and physical health as a result of spiritual practice. The course ‘Mantra Chants’ teaches specific mantras and how to invoke them with accurate sounds, diction, and pronunciation.


Preference is given to the following kinds of persons while accepting applications.

  • Mature, artistic, creative person or person who has a specific inquiry
  • Those who have not undergone a rigorous training in Yoga & meditation
  • Those who do not presently practice daily meditation


Some of the key features of the virtual meditation programmes are outlined below.

  • Sessions are conducted over ‘Zoom’. Tutorials for an individual or a group of three participants are given in audio chat over WhatsApp.
  • Participation is by invitation and references.
  • Not more than nine participants are accepted for any specific online session.
  • If a place falls vacant then an independent applicant is also considered on a case-to-case basis.


It is expected that an accepted artist / creative will utilise the daily sessions in doing some creative work / project each day. A person who has a specific inquiry to be made in an area related to the relevant course should articulate that clearly. On the 7th day, the participants can optionally share their projects with others.


Examples of the art projects of some of the previous participants can be seen here.


The list of the courses is given below.


One entirely free trial session of can possibly be made available to interested participants. This can happen on Sundays. Please refer to point number 15 of the application form given below.  Please complete the form to request a free session.


There is a basic application fee of USD 20 per participant for every free trial session.


The fee structure is given below.

  • 1 week: USD 260
  • 2 weeks: USD 502
  • 3 weeks: USD 708
  • 4 weeks: USD 877

It is possible to participate joining with single sessions. The fee is USD 75 per session of one hour. Up to 9 participants could be there in such sessions which happen at pre-defined time and dates.

One may request an entirely customised session. The fee for such a single session is USD 150.


New batches begin courses on every 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of a month.

The programmes are conducted in various times-zones from 8:00 AM to 10:15 PM, Indian Standard Time. A participant may check her corresponding time by using the following international time zone converter:


To know more or to apply to join, please complete and submit the following application form.



Check out the projects accomplished by participants during the online meditations here.