Aspirations with Candela

Guided Meditation upon Light

“Round them the afternoon to evening changed;
Light slipped down to the brightly sleeping verge,
And the birds came back winging to their nests,
And day and night leaned to each other’s arms.”

Giovanni 1This course is inspired with a special meditation technique –Jyoti Tratak Sadhna. Although having origins in Tantric path, that has similarities with occult traditions like Kabbalah, Tratak is widely accepted as a Kriya in mainstream Yoga practice.

Tratak is as unique as the Sri Yantra. Amongst the ten Yantras corresponding to the Ten Great Knowledge (Das Maha Vidya Temple, Haridwar), it is only Sri Yantra that spontaneously brings good-luck when installed, after due rituals, at the entrance in a house. One doesn’t need to conduct daily prayers, however desirable that is.

Most meditation techniques work through prana and breath. This meditation technique is predominantly based on visual aspects — systematic focusing / de-focusing  on single flame / light in a dark place.

Art-work by Aghni (spiritual name of a native Italian painter) 

Giovanni Tonioni AZIMVTH Savitri 2Giovanni Tonioni AZIMVTH Savitri 3

A very light aspect of this meditation technique is used at Mayo Clinic, USA. Some information is available here.

EK Moon Book Navratri Apr 2019

(Art-work by Emily Kuchenbaker who made a ‘Moon-Book’ while training at AZIMVTH. It depicts one Moon for each of the night since she was born.)

The course ‘Aspirations with Candela’ teaches the authentic and intricate multi-step meditation technique with an extension of visualisation of traveling outside body.

Participants are also taught to make innovations with the technique. Instead of a candle, one may use setting Sun or Moon also.

Instead of a lamp/candle light, one may also use the sight of setting Sun. Or Moon.


Detailed instructions and more information on the course are available here.


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