Synchrony of Soul & Spirit

Meditating in Slumberous Shav-asana


Sleep: The prevailing uncertainty adversely affects sleep that makes a person more susceptible to ailments. The course ‘Synchrony of Soul & Spirit’ teaches how to  self-induce meditative rest & relaxation.

The course ‘Synchrony of Soul & Spirit’ builds upon Shav-asana, the Yoga posture of death, or let us say — sleep. It is very important to have night time sleep of 7-8 hours. Body rejuvenates while we are asleep. Many ailments can be prevented. Good sleep also enhances immunity.

Within this period of prescribed 7-8 hours of sleep-time, there should be period of concentrated sleep time of 2 hours.

This course takes the form of a guided-meditation and teaches how to go in to meditative relaxation in a sequential and systematic way. Body parts from toe to head are invited to relax and the three — akara, ukara, and, makara — are chanted for three different segments of the body.

Ahad and Anhad soundings are performed in specific ways to create resonance of terrestrial individual soul with celestial universal spirit.

A purpose is to rest & relax yet often participants go to sleep which is more like a slumber as they continue to respond to the instructions of the guided meditation.

It is believed that an hour of such a practice is roughly equivalent to three hours of sleep-time.


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