Travellers of the Inner Worlds: Spiritual Memoirs

“Traveller or pilgrim of the inner world,
Fortunate art thou to reach our brilliant air
Flaming with thought’s supreme finality.
O aspirant to the perfect way of life,
Here find it; rest from search and live at peace.”

E-retreat: The programme “Travellers of The Inner Worlds” is a virtual residency or e-retreat programme for professional / amateur, published / unpublished writers as well for anyone who is not a ‘writer’ but is interested in writing his / her own memoirs. Participants don’t need to necessarily travel to Haridwar.

DurationThe duration of the programme is 14 days. There is no start or end date; participants can join for any continuous 14 days.

Methodology: A variety of methods are used. Following are examples of some of the aids to learn and train during this artist e-residency programme. The approach depends upon the planned projects chosen by the participants.

  • Regression to a a participant’s past experiences to identify a ‘Spiritual Experience’
  • Synthesising the ‘Happy Memory’
  • Learning & practising ancient sacred mantras and chants on flora
  • Sacred Sanskrit Syllables writing
  • Writing a ‘Spiritual resume’ as opposed to a ‘Job resume’
  • Curate / collage and build an inventory of ideas for each individual participant
  • Plan an art-work for each participant, based on fusion of ancient and modern, east and west, art and spirituality


  • Photographs, letters, documents – assembling of participant memory
  • Similar materials of family
  • Any 3 autobiographies suggested by each

Schedule. The duration of the programme is 14 continuous days.
Day 01:  Onboarding and introduction
Day 02:  Plan of specific writing project
10 days: Day 3 – 12
Actual writing starts the 3rd day. A participant writes about 500 words everyday for 10 continuous days. Feedback on each day’s writing is given by AZIMVTH each day. In 10 days, a rough body of five thousand words is created.
Day 13:  Compilation and editing.
Day 14:  Dikshant. Planning the next steps, if any.

Options of subjects A participant has the following optional subjects from which one could be chosen

  • Joining PIW (Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds) an ongoing book project at AZIMVTH Ashram
  • Any other individualised memoir
  • A tribute to a person, plant, animal, idea etc
  • Travelogue or any other writing


  • Self-aware
    Participants become more self-aware. This fortnight becomes an occasion to pause, look back, reflect and finally, anticipate future. As a result, the spirit is re-kindled.
  • Tangible progress
    This e-retreat becomes an opportunity for those who have been toying with the idea of writing, to make actual progress.
  • Publishing
    If a participant joins in an ongoing project at AZIMVTH Ashram, then she / he may get her work published as part of the larger work.

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The next programme is from 1st March 2020 to 14th March 2020. More information is available here.