AZIMVTH World-Book-Day 2019 Puzzle

The Day is a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. Each year, on 23 April, celebrations take place all over the world to recognize the scope of books - a link between the past and the future, a bridge between generations and across cultures. On this occasion, UNESCO and the international organizations … Continue reading AZIMVTH World-Book-Day 2019 Puzzle

Apply for a residency

Application process and form for artist residency at 365 Haridwar / AZIMVTH Ashram explained.

Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds

Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds A multi-national group of about a dozen creative writers (published authors as well as amateurs) is being assembled.  They are coming together to create a collaborative fictional novel based on their own memoirs. A broad outline of the plot is given below. One may choose to write one chapter of … Continue reading Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds

Let’s write a love-letter. To a stranger!

A short while after moving to the New York city, 22 year old Hannah Brencher started writing letters to strangers she would see on a train and other public places. She would leave them on a car-wiper, on a door step etc. And it became a movement called More Love Letters. Writing is an art, … Continue reading Let’s write a love-letter. To a stranger!

Travellers of the Inner Worlds: Spiritual Memoirs

“Traveller or pilgrim of the inner world, Fortunate art thou to reach our brilliant air Flaming with thought’s supreme finality. O aspirant to the perfect way of life, Here find it; rest from search and live at peace.” E-retreat: The programme “Travellers of The Inner Worlds" is a virtual residency or e-retreat programme for professional … Continue reading Travellers of the Inner Worlds: Spiritual Memoirs