The Song of the God: Bhagvat Geeta

Bhagvat Geeta (also spelled Bhagvadgita) literally means ‘God Song’. It is the guidance / sermon Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna on the battled field to Arjuna and makes as a segment of the tome Mahabharata. Bhagvat Geeta has 18 chapters. The last chapter deals with the after-world.

Sushila ji at AZIMVTH decided to commit to the 18th chapter to memory. She started working upon this project in June 2022 and by April 2023 has memorised the 78 shlokas that make chapter 18. Being 80 plus years old, memory plays tricks. Chanting and committing any thing becomes a challenge.

There is no special reason why she chose to organise the 78 shloka in 6 parts. It is printed in her copy of Bhagvat Geeta this way. The following audio link takes to the 6 audio files.

Part 1: Shloka 1 to 11 Chapter 18

Part 1: Shloka 12 to 26 Chapter 18

Part 3: Shloka 27 to 41 Chapter 18

Part 4: Shloka 42 to 56 Chapter 18

Part 5: Shloka 57 to 71 Chapter 18

Part 6: Shloka 72 to 78 Chapter 18

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