KUMBH 2021

The ancient festival of Kumbha is celebrated in Haridwar once in twelve years when the planet Jupiter enters the Aquarius zodiac mansion. Earth takes 365 days time to move around Sun while Jupiter takes twelve year to do so. Hundreds of millions of persons participate with this festival. More details here.


Many festivals and observances are held across the year in Haridwar.

Rama Navami: The Eighth Avatar Births on the 9th Day (02 April 2020)

Hanuman Jayanti: Anniversary of the Immortal Lord of Bhakti Yoga (08 April 2020)

Savitri Vrat: The Yoga of the No-Moon-Night (22 May 2020)

Ganga Dussehra: Ganges Descends from Heavens (01 June 2020)

Guru Purnima: The Guru at Full-Moon (05 July 2020)

Kanwar Yatra: Bringing Ganges Water from Haridwar (05 – 19 July 2020)

Ganesh Chaturthi: The Day of New Beginnings (22 August 2020)

Shraadh: Fortnight of and Healing With Ancestors (02 – 17 September 2020)

Nav-ratri, Durga Puja, and Dussehra: Obeisance to The Nine Goddesses on Nine New Nights, and Ending the Demon on the 10th ( 16 to 25 October 2020)

Sharad Purnima: Meditation With the Most (Spiritually) Beautiful Moon of the Year (30 October 2020)

Ahoi Ashtami: The Mothers, Children, and Hedge-Hog / Jackal  (08 November 2020)

Diwali: The Festival Celebrating Victory of Light Over Darkness (25 – 29 October 2019)

  1. Dhanteras: The Ayurveda Day (25 October 2019)
  2. Nark Chaturdashi: Lamp & Ablutions to Keep Death-God Away  (26 October 2019)
  3. Badi Diwali: Invocations on No-Moon to Lakshmi for Prosperity (27 October 2019)
  4. Govardhan: Lifting a Mountain Like a Mole-Hill (28 October 2019)
  5. Bhaiya Dooj: Brothers’ Day (29 October 2019)

Kartik Purnima / Guru Parab: In the Footsteps of Guru Nanak, 515 Years Later (12 November 2019)