Festivals of India & Other Observances

Rama Navami: The Eighth Avatar Births on the 9th Day (02 April 2020)

Hanuman Jayanti: Anniversary of the Immortal Lord of Bhakti Yoga (08 April 2020)

Savitri Vrat: The Yoga of the No-Moon-Night (22 May 2020)

Ganga Dussehra: Ganges Descends from Heavens (01 June 2020)

Guru Purnima: The Guru at Full-Moon (05 July 2020)

Kanwar Yatra: Bringing Ganges Water from Haridwar (05 – 19 July 2020)

Ganesh Chaturthi: The Day of New Beginnings (22 August 2020)

Shraadh: Fortnight of and Healing With Ancestors (02 – 17 September 2020)

Nav-ratri, Durga Puja, and Dussehra: Obeisance to The Nine Goddesses on Nine New Nights, and Ending the Demon on the 10th ( 16 to 25 October 2020)

Sharad Purnima: Meditation With the Most (Spiritually) Beautiful Moon of the Year (30 October 2020)

Diwali: The Festival of Lights Celebrating Victory of Light Over Darkness, Truth Over False, and, Salvation over Death (25 – 29 October 2019)