Govardhan: Lifting a Mountain Like a Mole-Hill


2019 – 28 October, Monday. 2020 – 15 November, Sunday. 2021 – 05 November, Friday.

Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in India. The word ‘Diwali’ is originated from ‘Deepavali’ which is Sanskrit for ‘rows of lamps or lights’.

Diwali festival lasts for five days with the main celebrations happening on the middle, that is, the third day. The details are given below.

  1. Dhanteras: The Ayurveda Day
  2. Nark Chaturdashi: Lamp & Ablutions to Keep Death-God Away
  3. Badi Diwali: Invocations on No-Moon to Lakshmi for Prosperity
  4. Govardhan: Lifting a Mountain Like a Mole-Hill
  5. Bhaiya Dooj: Brothers’ Day

IMG-20191028-WA0045Govardhan Mountain

The fourth day of the five days long Diwali festival is for ‘Govardhan Puja’. ‘Go’ refers to cow. On this day, Krishna saved large groups of cows and villagers from torrential rains. Indra, the deity of rains, in a fit of anger, brought from non-stop rains causing floods. Krishna lifted an entire mountain ‘Govardhan’ with his little finger, creating a giant umbrella. All cows and villagers sought shelter under it.

To commemorate, people in some parts of India little mounds from cow-dung.


It is also known as ‘Annakut Puja’. On this day food made of cereals (Sanskrit: anna) like wheat, rice, curry made of gram flour and leafy vegetables are cooked. These are offered to Krishna and people also have them.

In west India, the new year begins on this day. People buy grains and essential of many kinds.

IMG-20191028-WA0006Game of Dice

Lord Shiva and Parvati played games akin to that of dice. The board had 12 squares and 30 pieces. Shiva lost. It customary for traders and others who deal with money to play gambles. Infact, gambling starts days in advance with stakes, sometimes, building up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The modern board of chess has origins in India.

A dwarf wins the world

On this day, Vamana, a dwarf man, the fifth of the nine Avatars of Vishnu, wins the world and sends Bali, a King who had amassed enormous power, the nether-world.

Govardhan Puja Greetings Card

The following greetings card can be downloaded and shared.


Happy Govardhan Puja

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