Fortnight of Ancestors & the Deceased

During October 2015, the family of Sylvestor Stallone visited Haridwar to conduct special prayers for a departed family-member. The Narayani Shila Temple at Haridwar is the special temple where people come to pray for the deceased, especially during Shraadh, the fortnight of the deceased. Following is a video on that visit.

The period of 2nd September 2020 (full Moon night) to 17th September 2020 (no moon night) is known as Pitripaksh or Shraadh, the annual fortnight of ancestors and the deceased. There is a specific phase of the Moon (ranging from full Moon to no Moon) associated with each day of a year. The deceased person is remembered and prayed for on that specific day during this fortnight. For example, if a person passed away on the day 2 days after full Moon, then remembrance will be held on 4th September 2020. If one knows the date of death, time of death, and location of death, then we can generate the specific date of remembrance.


If you complete and submit the following form, we will –

  • Let you know the date between 02 September 2020 and 17 September 2020 when the observance is to be held.
  • Let you know of time of remembrance.
  • Method of remembrance.
  • Conduct tarpan, the ritual of remembrance in Haridwar



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