Apply for a residency

Application process and form for artist residency at 365 Haridwar / AZIMVTH Ashram explained.

Mantra Chanting

A "Mantra" may generally be considered as a sacred set of words and thoughts communicating an invocation or prayer. a mantra could also be just some syllables, for example, Beej-Mantra or Seed-Mantra. Mantras originated in Hinduism and were later adopted into other eastern beliefs in Buddhism, chiefly in Tibet, mainland China, japan and other Asian … Continue reading Mantra Chanting

Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds

Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds A multi-national group of about a dozen creative writers (published authors as well as amateurs) is being assembled.  They are coming together to create a collaborative fictional novel based on their own memoirs. A broad outline of the plot is given below. One may choose to write one chapter of … Continue reading Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds