Ten Goddesses & Wisdoms

• PAINTING & VISUAL ART – Create a new portfolio of ten arts
• ILLUSTRATION & SCULPTURE – Create a new portfolio of ten Yantras / Mandalas
• MUSIC & SPOKEN WORD – Create a new portfolio inspired with ten Mantras
• CREATIVE WRITING & MEMOIRS – Write a book of ten chapters distilling life-lessons & wisdoms inspired with Tantras

Das Maha Vidya – Ten Goddesses & wisdoms

The first wedding of the world happened in Haridwar when Shiva wed Sati who was born in Haridwar. During a Homa she jumped in the fire. There are ten aspects of Sati that collectively are known as Das (ten) Maha (great) Vidya (wisdoms) and they correspond to ten goddesses. There is a temple dedicated to this.


18th September 2021 – Goddess Bhuvaneshvari
4th November 2021 – Goddess Kamala
19th December 2021 – Goddess Bhairavi
16th February 2022 – Goddess Lalita (AKA Shodashi / Tripura Sundari)
10th April 2022 – Goddess Tara
3rd May 2022 – Goddess Matangi
9th May 2022 – Goddess Bagalamukhi
14th May 2022 – Goddess Chhinnamasta
8th June 2022 – Goddess Dhumavati
18th August 2022 – Goddess Kali


Virtual online sessions are held once a week. Each session is of about 90 minutes duration. Half of the time is for talk on themes –

Tantra – the system and iconography and examples
Yantra – the geometric representation, Mandala
Mantra – the specific chants for each goddess

The other half of each session is for Q&A and for participants to share their progress and creations.


Following video discusses the Yantra and Mantra for the Das Maha Vidya.

Following video discusses the Tantra for the Das Maha Vidya. The corresponding workbook is available at the resources page.


A one time application fee of USD 10 (or Rs. 500) is to be paid at the start. Participation in all sessions over a year is free afterwards. After each session a participant will have an option to make voluntary charity donation of any amount.

The fee is the same whether one wants to join for the whole year or only for a month.


Presently there are over 25 persons from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, and India are participating with the programme. Some examples of the participants are given below. One can apply to join anytime before the programme ends in August 2022.

I have studied architecture in the “Accademia di Architettura” and worked as an architect for interior spaces and exhibition design. During my first years of work I discovered Yoga and this path led me to a different working direction, detached from an employed life and very body and physical related.
In the practice of Pranayama I found the mental energy to create a year of pause for myself in the middle of the city life of Berlin in 2018. In this the collaboration with my partner Adam was born, and “collective shaping” started as an attempt to capture the subtle body and energetic communication.
“With this background I am curious to be part of this program and deepen spiritual creativity also on my own, I want to expand a personal artistic voice to reconnect my two paths, the research of beauty in the space and the spiritual beauty coming from the devotion to the practice.”

Degree in Visual Art from Barnard College at Columbia University (Minors in Dance and Eastern Religion) Professional~ Therapeutic Art for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Outpatient rehabilitation/ public school system settings, 2003 to present. Also teach Yin yoga and facilitate ecstatic dances/movement medicine

Daily spiritual practice involves Qi Gong, yin yoga, Vedic/mixed origin pranayam, kundalini, mantra recitation/ meditation. shamanic reiki~ level 2 attuned. Current creative modalities drawing, woodcut printmaking, intuitive movement

“I have had my eye on this (AZIMVTH Ashram programs) for many years. I began a tantric study on my own and at one time my practice involved yantra making. I feel I have learned all I can from books and remain open for living transmission. I would like to start cutting blocks again or find a new creative outlet for spiritual expression. I believe this experience will help me evolve to a new level.”


Creatives & Spiritualists invited!

Presently there are over 25 persons from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, and India are participating with the programme. One can apply to join anytime before the programme ends in August 2022.


Also known as Kamala or Lakshmi, the birth anniversary ‘Kamala Jyanti’ is celebrated as Diwali, the most popular festival in India. The following video (12 minutes long) titled ‘Kamalatmika – Introduction’ introduces the subject.

There are four more videos on the subject and are available in the Resources page.