Guru Poornima – Spiritual Postcards & Commemorative Covers

On 24th July 2021, the day of Guru Poornima, AZIMVTH Ashram privately released a set of three spiritual picture postcards and matching covers, a Maxim card and matching commemorative cover, and a pair of hand-made paper covers in Haridwar India.

24th July 2021 is the day of Guru Poornima when we pay respects to our Guru and to all those from whom we have learnt something.

A Commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 5 with text ‘Gayatri Teerth Shantikunj’ was affixed to each. This new stamp was released in Haridwar on 20th June 2021, the eve of International Yoga Day, commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Shantikunj Haridwar. These cards, covers and stamps were cancelled with a postmark of ‘Shantikunj’ on the date of Guru Poornima.

Some of these postcards were also cancelled with postmark ‘Gurukul Kangri’ at the post office of Gurukul Kangri University which is part of the over a century old cluster of Arya Samaj group of institutions dedicated to the four stages of life. AZIMVTH Ashram is also situated in the locality named ‘Arya Nagar’ which is part of the cluster.

आदि योगी आदि गुरु Guru Poornima: Adi Yogi & Adi Guru.
Shiva is the first and eternal Yogi and Guru. He gave the knowledge first to the seven sages who lived in Haridwar. Shiva is the teacher of all teachers and the supreme God amongst all gods and divine beings. Full moon day during the month known as Ashadha (roughly corresponding to July / August) is known as Guru Purnima day.

वेद व्यास जयन्ती Guru Poornima: Birth Anniversary of Ved Vyasa.
Guru Poornima is also the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sage Vyasa the compiler of the four Vedas, the ancient-most Hindu scriptures. Vyasa lived in Haridwar. God Shiva sent his son Ganesha to him. Vyasa narrated the Mahabharata (of which Bhagvat Gita is a segment) and Ganesha did the writing. On Guru Poornima day disciples offer Puja or pay respect to their Gurus.

बुद्ध का प्रथम उपदेश Guru Poornima: Buddha’s First Sermon.
After enlightenment, Buddha chose the day of Guru Poornima to aerially cross Ganga and give his first sermon to five disciples in a deer park. Some Buddhist scriptures consider Buddha to be an Avatar (reincarnation) of God Vishnu.

Maxim Card

The fourth card was styled as Maxim Card depicting the same visual as the Shantikunj commemorative postage stamp cancelled with Shantikunj postmark. It was not a scan of the postage stamp but a whole new painting was artistically created for the purpose. A matching cover was also issued on Guru Poornima.

शांति कुंज की स्वर्ण जयन्ती Guru Poornima: Golden Jubilee of Shantikunj
Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya the founder of Shantikunj in Haridwar was a visionary, a reformer, and a teacher (Acharya is another term for Guru). On 20th June 2021, the eve of International Day of Yoga, India Post released a commemorative postage stamp marking the Golden Jubilee of Shantikunj.

India Post have stopped printing brochures of new releases. Electronic brochures are issued instead.

Hand Made Commemorative Covers

AZIMVTH also issued a pair of two other covers that were custom hand-crafted. They were made in Shantikunj using hand-made paper that was also made in Shantikunj. These bear the new Shantikunj commemorative stamp. Cancellation mark of the first day.
Cover size 10.5 x 15.5 cm Small, thin paper
Cover size 13 x 18 cm Bigger, thick paper, this cover can hold about 50 postcards.

These materials can be ordered from the following website.

Background information is here –

August 2021 Releases

August 2021 has the birth anniversaries of three (Kalki, Balrama, and Krishna) of the ten Dashavatara. The month also has the birth anniversary of Kali, one of the ten Dash Mahavidya. Besides these, other notable dates/occasions in August are — 15th August (Tulsidas Jayanti, 75th Independence Day, 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo) and 22nd August Raksha Bandhan, Gayatri Jayanti, Hayagriva Jayanti, Sanskrit Diwas). Proposed private releases of spiritual postcards and commemorative covers are being considered.

AZIMVTH are looking forward to partner individuals and organisations that would like to collaborate for ideation, creation, and distribution of these beautiful and spiritual materials of deltiology & philately.