Dialogs & Discourses

Dialogs & Discourses

Inquiry in to Human Yearnings, Sanctuary for the Souls

These pandemic days and months are the most unique times of our lives. It also presents an opportunity to introspect and challenge the received-wisdom.

To enable that, AZIMVTH Ashram located on the banks of Ganges and foothills of Himalayas at Haridwar (the birth place of meditation) in northern India has launched ‘Dialogs & Discourses’ – an online virtual weekly meeting with details as given below.


The meeting is for artists, writers, spiritualists, and anyone engaged with any kind of creative pursuits.


Day: Every Sunday morning

Time: 9:00 AM CST USA (See your time here)

Duration: About 90 minutes

The meeting is in two parts – the first consists of meditation with breathwork and chanting. The second part is a talk and discussion on aspects related to friends, friendships, and friendliness in all kinds of relationships.

Meditation – breathwork

This involves an eight-step meditation-technique consisting of breathing exercises.

Meditation – chanting

This involves three levels of chanting – Aum, vowels, and consonants.

Talk / sharing

This involves a talk consisting of fables and aphorisms covering the following aspects related to friends, friendships, and friendliness in all kinds of relationships.

  • Winning / retaining friendliness
  • Parting / severing friendships
  • Handling differences / making war
  • Making peace

Participants are welcome to ask questions, bring with them to read passages from any book, their own writings, make comments / observations.


It is hoped that participants will derive the following benefits.

  • Experience calmness during the meeting.
  • Learn meditation techniques of breathing and chanting.
  • Get insights in to various aspects of friendships..
  • Take-away thoughts / ideas they can use afterwards.
  • Simple assignments will be given that will help participants re-live the meditation-experience during the week till they join back the next Sunday.
  • Have access to the recordings of the Zoom.
  • Receive a soft copy of a spiritual art card after the meeting.
  • Receive occasional / monthly printed materials on encouragement.
  • Join the WhatsApp group ‘Dialogs & Discourses’.
  • Utilise opportunities for more intense-work.



There is no fee for participation however to help with meeting a part of the costs one may consider making any optional voluntary contribution after the meeting. A participant may contribute if she has liked the meeting and found it to be beneficial. No amount is too small or too big: contribute, or not, equivalent to the worth that you perceive.


A voluntary contribution of USD 10 could be made for each of the two recordings for a Sunday. This contribution can be made if one likes and benefits from listening. Information on payment can be had by writing to AZIMVTH (at) gmail (dot) com.

Eamples of sessions on two Sundays are given below.
Story Session: Crow, Pigeons, Mouse, Tortoise, and Deer
Play or download (mp3 24 min) here.
Dialog Session: Participants’ Discussions
Play or download (mp3 21 min 17 sec) here.

Story Session: Tiger, Gold Bangle, and Traveller
View (11 min 42 sec) here.
Dialog Sessiom: Participants’ Discussions
View (19 min 35 sec) here.

Besides the stories sessions are also held discussing topics like – Relations & Relationships, Thanks & Gratitude, Holidays & Work, etc.

Registration Form

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The feedback form is available at the link given below.