Let’s write a love-letter. To a stranger!

A short while after moving to the New York city, 22 year old Hannah Brencher started writing letters to strangers she would see on a train and other public places. She would leave them on a car-wiper, on a door step etc. And it became a movement called More Love Letters.

Writing is an art, letter-writing is an archaic art, and writing letters to strangers could be performance-art. Steve Jobs left little notes and letters to his family tucked in his clothes and other places.

This holiday-season, think of taking this up. One can combine various things with it – calligraphy and other forms of visual-arts, charity-giving and anything that’s relevant.

In the modern tweet / SMS / What’sApp world, a step-by-step guide on ‘how to write a love-letter to a stranger’ may not be very out of place!

1. What to write?
Isn’t it easy to strike a conversation with a complete stranger sitting in the adjacent-seat 1 Sun_Salutation_AZIMVTH_Ashramon a long haul flight? If that’s daunting then pick up any greeting-card or a small photocopy of some art-work. The art work of the first step of the Sun Salutation Yoga was made by a Hollywood actor / artist who stayed at AZIMVTH Ashram for a month. Write a thoughtful message on it.

2. Charity
Your autograph on a small piece of paper will be much welcomed by any charity. Especially if the small piece of paper is a bank-cheque! In return of the nice gesture, you will be given a receipt by your favourite charity. You may ask the receipt to be made in the name of the stranger to whom you are writing a letter. This image shows a collection of scores of payment-receipts that were given to2 charity AZIMVTH Ashram during December 2017 by a charity called ‘Shri Ganga Sabha (Registered) Haridwar’ founded in the year 1916 by Bharat Ratna Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya.

3. Own branding
One made add individual branding to it.
3 branding
4. Letter
If you want to write more, that’s just great. At the local stationary shop it is still possible to buy light weight paper-sheets meant for those who want to send letters overseas. Remember pen-friend days?
4 All letters MLL
5. Set
So, the complete set looks like this.
5 Angie chris
Whom to write?
Anybody! For example, one may choose to write to any of these year-end requests at Hannah’s website

A love-letter to myself!
Hey, why not write a love-letter to yourself? An autobiography, a diary, a morning-page, a memoir – call it anything – is a form of love-letter!

One may also join in a collaborative writing project ‘Pilgrims of the Inner Worlds’.

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