Weaving of cotton and wool

Cotton weaving

The handloom industry using the hand spun threads is still available in Haridwar. Typically, families with low incomes have one equipment. Ladies of the family work upon these for couple of hours a day, whenever they have spare time.

Some recent pictures are given below.

1_AZIMVTH_Ashram_raw_threads 2_AZIMVTH_Ashram_manual_converting_wooden_device

3_AZIMVTH_Ashram_manual_yet_mechanised_device 4_AZIMVTH_Ashram_manual_weaving_wooden_device


A finished cotton product called Dutahi (two layered) is shown below. It is double the length of a common blanket and used in place of blankets.


The following video shows how a Dutahi is made on a loom.

Wool weaving

Weaving of wool into dress materials like tweed, blankets, shawls, stoles, scarfs etc is more intricate. Following pictures show the process.

1_AZIMVTH_Ashram_wool_weaving 2_AZIMVTH_Ashram_wool_weaving

Some finished products are shown below.

3_AZIMVTH_Ashram_woven_wool_tweed_etc 4_AZIMVTH_Ashram_woven_wool

The following video shows a master-craftsman weaving wool.