Apply for a residency

Application process and form for artist residency at 365 Haridwar / AZIMVTH Ashram explained.

Weaving of cotton and wool

Cotton weaving The handloom industry using the hand spun threads is still available in Haridwar. Typically, families with low incomes have one equipment. Ladies of the family work upon these for couple of hours a day, whenever they have spare time. Some recent pictures are given below. A finished cotton product called Dutahi (two layered) … Continue reading Weaving of cotton and wool

Spinning of cotton and wool

Various village industries still thrive in Haridwar. One such industry is spinning of raw cotton to make threads using Mahatma Gandhi's Charkha, the spinning-wheel. Cotton spinning Mira behn (born in 1892 as Madeleine Slade) was the daughter of a British commander of naval forces. She was a piano-artist. when she met Romain Rolland, he asked … Continue reading Spinning of cotton and wool