Spinning of cotton and wool

Various village industries still thrive in Haridwar. One such industry is spinning of raw cotton to make threads using Mahatma Gandhi’s Charkha, the spinning-wheel.

Cotton spinning
Mira behn (born in 1892 as Madeleine Slade) was the daughter of a British commander of naval forces. She was a piano-artist. when she met Romain Rolland, he asked her to meet Gandhi.

Mira behn founded the ‘Kisan Ashram’ (ashram for farmers) a few kilometres away from where AZIMVTH Ashram is situated. Spinning of cotton was a major activity there.

In the following video, she explains the Charkha.

The Charkha used for spinning cotton is akin to Bardoli Charkha as displayed below.


Wool-spinning is also a craft that is quite alive. Some pictures are given below.

1_AZIMVTH_Ashram_Lamb_for_wool   2_AZIMVTH_Ashram_raw_wool_in_bags

3_AZIMVTH_Ashram_bhagirathi_spinning_charkha - Copy


Following video shows a woman using Bhagirathi Charkha to spin wool.