Panch Vati: Funf Blatter (5 Sacred leaves)

This unique AZIMVTH Divine Gift looks like this –Panch Vati - Packet

Bliss Packet: This Bliss Packet has the following features.

  1. Saffron: The Bliss Packet is in the form of a yellow / ochre coloured envelope. In Hinduism, Buddhism, other Eastern traditions, and indeed many other spiritual denominations, yellow / orange / saffron colour is the colour of Ananda, or Bliss. This envelope is custom-hand-made in Haridwar.
  2. Upcycled: The paper used for the envelope is also hand made in Haridwar in a process involving upcycling.
  3. Philately: A philately grade valid special postage stamp of a relevant theme is affixed on the envelope. Such stamps are not for sale at general post-office counters.
  4. RGB Stamping: Red, green, and blue coloured stamps on the names of the Gift, ashram, and design have been artistically hand printed on the envelope.
  5. Auspicious thread: The Bliss Packet is secured with a red coloured hand-made bushel of threads. This is known as ‘Mauli’ or ‘Kalava’. It is tied on the wrist before starting any divine ceremony, prayer, or ritual like child-naming, wedding, Homa etc. The length of the bushel of red threads is appropriate to make 3 circles around the wrist.

Contents of the Bliss Packet: Invoking the Bliss

When opened, the following are revealed.

Panch Vati - Contents
  1. Mantra: One page description of Panch Vati containing the Sanskrit text from Ramayana.
  2. 12 smaller envelopes – The paper of these is also hand made in Haridwar. The envelopes are also custom hand made in Haridwar. Like the larger envelope, each smaller envelope has 3 colour stamps hand stamped on them.

Blessed art

Each envelope contains a card. Image of the reverse side is shown below.

Panch Vati - Individual Unit

The features of these Blessed Art are –

  1. Ganges: Each unit has a drop of Ganga water tinged with lightest blue water-colour individually and artistically applied on the back side. Each unit is a libation of the sacred element at Lord Rama.
  2. Kumbh: This Ganga water is reverently collected from the sacred spot of Brahma-kund / Har-ki-paidi in Haridwar. It is at this location the once-in-12-years festival of Kumbh is held. Kumbh is inscribed as an intangible cultural asset of the entire humanity by the UNESCO of the United Nations. With over 120 million participants, the Kumbh festival is the largest gathering of human beings in the world.
  3. Sacred oil:  One of the 5 trees of Panch Vati is Amla. A drop of the fragrant amla oil, made in Haridwar is also applied to each Blessed Art.
  4. Limited Edition: Only 99 sets of this art-set were printed. Each unit is manually number with a red coloured ink. These units are of Limited Edition.
  5. Your tree: Based upon the waxing and waning of Moon, as per Indian Jyotish astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has a designated tree. These 27 trees are planted in a geometrical / astrological formation in Haridwar. The 5 trees of Panch Vati are part of it. By quoting the unit number, the recipient of the Blessed Art can request to find out her / his tree by using the form available here.
  6. Bonus: A discount of 50% is applicable on all astrology-services.


The front side consists of a unique art. Thus the Bliss Packet contains a set of 12 arts. These are shown below.

panch vati - all 12 art works in one image

Description of art:

panch vati - description 1
panch vati - description 2

Mechanical data

Set: A set of 12 art-works

Size: Each of the 12 cards has a size of 15 cm x 9 cm.

Modular: Each of the 12 cards is designed in a way that it can be used in any of the 4 orientations. The 12 cards be arranged in hundreds of ways to create a variety of formations. If the 12 cards are arranged together, with no gaps among them, to create on art-work then several dimensions are possible; some examples being – 180 cm x 9 cm, 15 cm x 108 cm, 45 cm x 36 cm, 60 cm x 27 cm, 2 feet x 1 foot approximately. A visual example can be seen in the image below.

Picture post card: The specifications of the size and the quality of the paper of these cards meet the standards of India Posts. Each card can be used individually as a picture post card by affixing the required postage on the back side in / near the box marked ‘Affix postage stamp’. It can be used as a post-card and put in mail after affixing the required postage stamps on the back side. In such a case there is no need to keep the card in an envelope.

Shipping: Gifts are shipped internationally. Postage does not need to be paid separately.

Costs: There are 2 kinds of pricing.

AZIMVTH Trinity Pricing (C): This is the standard pricing as detailed below.

1 Divine Experience: USD  49.5 (or Rs. 3501)

Set of 12 Divine Experiences: USD 594 (or Rs. 42012)

AZIMVTH Spiritual Pricing (C): This special pricing as detailed below.

1 Divine Experience: Anywhere between USD  4.95 (or Rs. 351) to USD  49.5 (or Rs. 3501)

Set of 12 Divine Experiences: Anywhere between USD 59.4 (or Rs. 4203) and USD 594 (or Rs. 42012).

To qualify for Spiritual Pricing, one must fulfill any of the following Necessary Conditions.

  • a degree in fine arts
  • a degree relating to spirituality
  • a prime occupation related to fine-arts
  • a prime occupation related to spirituality
  • a commercial qualification in Yoga, Ayurveda, or Astrology

More details on the Necessary Conditions can be seen in the Gift Request Form.

Sufficient Condition: Item number 12 of the Gift Request Form is a comment field.  A bona-fide person may use it to mention why he thinks he should get the benefit of Spiritual Pricing.

Gift Request Form: AZIMVTH reserves the right to accept any request. No donation payment should be sent before receiving a confirmation from AZIMVTH. One may request gifts for someone else or for herself.  Requests can be made through the following Gift Request Form.