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Hindu calendar is a luni-solar one. Moon is the heavenly body that is the nearest to Earth. A month comprises to two fortnights.  One fortnight has all the waning phases of Moon from full-moon to no-moon. The other fortnight comprises of all the waxing phases of Moon from no-Moon to full-Moon. Thus, there are 27 phases of Moon in any month. Each of them corresponds to a ‘Nakshatra’ the Lunar House. A person is born in any one of the 27 Nakshatras. This determines everything for her. For example, the syllable with which her name should begin, birth stone, auspicious tree, element, etc.

Nakshatra is also a determinant of the nature (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). This can be considered as a convergence of Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine and Jyotish, the astrology.

The Zodiac signs are twelve.


Specifically, a Horoscope contains –

  • Birth chart showing locations of the 9 planets at the time of birth of a person
  • Name of Nakshatra
  • Zodiac Moon sign
  • Zodiac Sun sign (Western)
  • Syllables with which the name of the person should begin
  • Suggested names in Sanskrit and their English meanings
  • Auspicious tree
  • Birth stone
  • Element
  • Auspicious colour
  • Metal
  • Nature

Add ons

  • Scenarios of future: What may the future hold?
  • Horoscope matching: How well does a person matches with her partner on a 36 point scale.

In the Western astrology, everyone born in a certain month, whether in the year 1900 or 2019, whether born in Germany or the US, whether born at 4.00 am or 4.00 pm has the same Zodiac. In Hindu astrology, the Zodiac (Rashi) is dependent upon 3 factors of birth – location, time, and date.

Instructions for completing the form

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  3. Date of birth: should be written in the format, eg, 01 January 1970
  4. Time of birth: should be written in this format – 06 Hours 30 Minutes 15 Seconds AM (or PM). If the exact minutes or seconds are not known then a chance could be taken by writing 00 Minutes 00 Seconds.
  5. Place of Birth: should contain name of town, name of state / region, name of country. Additionally, Zip code and Lat / long will be useful for confirmation though not necessary.
  6. Postal address: only this field is optional. This is required if an artistically created and custom-made Horoscope manually bilingually written in Sanskrit and English languages, on paper made in Haridwar and using additionally some water of Ganges (for water colours) from Haridwar.
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  8. Comment: Any query could be made using this field.

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Rationalists consider practices like Ayurveda, Astrology, meditation, Yoga etc as pseudo-science. They also seek empirical evidence of the existence of God.

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