Summary of Artists’ Projects


Details on the backgrounds and projects of some of these individual artists can be viewed by clicking the relevant links given at the page here.


We accept only those artists whose arts have some connection to spirituality. Due to the specific nature of our residencies we are particular about accepting the artists. Details on the backgrounds and projects of some of the artists who have participated with our programmes can be viewed by clicking the relevant links given below.

Summary of the profiles and projects of some of the artists who have recently stayed and trained at AZIMVTH Ashram is given below. For more details, one may visit specific pages for each of them.

Name Details Projects at AZIMVTH
Emily Kuchenbecker


MFA (Glassworking) Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA The Transparent Reflections
• Orb Exploration
• Salute to Sun
• Moon Meditation
• Creative Writing
William Sullivan Brown

Sully Photo_Sully in the Web Series Janny Jelly

BA in Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, USA Digitally Divine
• Drawing Sun Salutationes
• Other Watercolours
• American Saffron
Barbara Silverman

Barbara Silverman at AZIMVTH Ashram Haridwar India - mugshot

BFA, Syracuse University, 1969, USA One Torn Shroud and Five Elements
• Five Elements
• The Eglin Marbles
• Collaborative Mantra Chanting
• Acting in a Bollywood Movie
Napatt Piyawongwatthana

Napatt P - mug shot - AZIMVTH Ashram

MFA Illustration (Manchester Metropolitan University) UK / Thailand Gained in Translations
• Researching local colours
• What Does Your Character Look Like?
• Installation
• Haridwar in My View
Paris Kirby


BFA, PG Diploma
Painting lecturer at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, University in Auckland, New Zealand.
A String of Luxuriant Gemstones
• Om Jai (Product Design – Mala)
• Diary in Water Colours
• Photography
• Performance Art
Nicolaj Wamberg

NW Holi AZIMVTH India - Close up

Master of Folk Music, Academy of Music, Southern Denmark Songs to the Fauna of the Hills
• Learning an Instrument – Harmonium
• Songs to the Fauna of the Hills
• Experiment with Aum Chanting
• Singing to the River
Cora Batley-Moss

Cora SIS

BA, PGCE, United Kingdom Portraits of Pilgrims
Laleh Torabi


LT in Sari

Germany Story-telling in Black and White
• Calligraphy
• Mystical Trees
Sarah Gilbert (Homa)

SG Close up

Painter of France Prolifically Spiritual Experiments on Metal, Stone, and Wood
• Experiment on Metal
• Experiment in Stone
• Experiments with Wood
• Photography
Brett Goldstein

BG Close up

BA, Cognitive Science & Psychology, High Honors
University of California, Berkeley
Musical Collaboration With the Holy
• Learning an Indian Musical Instrument – Dholak
• Mantra Chanting as Music
• Creating New Songs
• Collaborating with Bollywood
Madlaina Fontana

tk mf close up dec 2018

Bachelor of Stage Design, Master of Arts in Public Spheres & Art Teaching, Switzerland Meditative Carvings of the Sacred 5 Leaves
• Panch Vati: Funf Blatter (5 Sacred leaves)
• Wooden Perspectives of Sun Salutationes Yoga
• Other Wood Cuts
• Photography of Nights and the First Sun of 2019
Corine Lucas


CL_Namaskar - edited

Experienced & acclaimed oil painter, France Realising Monks in Oil Paintings
• Realising Sadhus in Oil Paintings
• Experimenting with New Techniques – Wash
• Learning New Skills – Carving, Language
• French Themed Artworks – CL
Wesley FourieWesley John Fourie AZIMVTH Visual artist, poet


New Zealand

A Short Walk in the Hindu Sukh.
* My Green Picture – visual arts
* Arm Knitting
* Jhabla Haute Couture
* A Short Walk in the Hindu Sukh – memoirs & poetry

Jennifer S. Taylor


Impressionist painter, USA
She and her arts have been featured on the cover / inside pages by a variety of magazines and publications like Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air Magazine, American Artist.

Plein Air Paintings of Temples & Devouts
* Painting American Landscapes in India
* Plein-Air Steps-to-God
* Painting Plein-Air Temples
* Fauna of Haridwar