Digitally Divine

William Sullivan Brown
Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.

“Within hours of arriving in India, I accompanied Tarun Kumar for a group audience / talk with HH Dalai Lama!”

Sully Photo_Sully in the Web Series Janny JellySully works as an illustrator and animation production designer for television at Los Angeles, California. He has also acted in feature films – e.g. ‘We Go Way Back’ directed by Lynn Shelton, and ‘Brand Upon the Brain!’ directed by Guy Madden, that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Sully is an Eagle Scout and was President of his High School during senior year. He comes from a family that is known for path-breaking initiatives. His mother is a senior architect with a leading firm in the US that has led world renowned projects. His father and grandfather are Harvard graduates. His aunt scaled Mt. Everest. She is mentioned in the book – ‘Into Thin Air’ and the movie by the same name.

Art made before coming to AZIMVTH

Some of his art-works (made before coming to 365 Haridwar) are shown below.

(Baby Beds, Traveler, Flower Pot)

Projects at AZIMVTH
After few weeks of stay at AZIMVTH Ashram, Sully extended his stay for over a month. During his stay at AZIMVTH Ashram, Sully was initiated by Tarun Kumar in Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Yoga), breathing exercises for relaxation and mind focussing, Om Choir, and Aum Chanting.

Project A: Drawing a set of 12 postures of Sun Salutationes Yoga

Sully used to receive Yoga training twice a day. he drew a set of 9 postures of the Sun Salutationes Yoga.

Project B: Other watercolours

He created a dozen-plus other art-works as well. Couple of them are shown below.

Project C: Photography

Sully clicked a vast number of digital photographs.

A set of 10 images can be seen in the online image-gallery titled ‘American Saffron in India.’

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Besides these, he immersed himself into the rich spiritual culture of Haridwar as a native resident. During the annual fortnight of remembrance for the near-and-dear ones who are no more, he participated with a ritual / ceremony and prayed for his grandfather, a Presidential awardee of Medal of Honor, who trained with Louis Armstrong and sister after whom two dormitories are named on a university campus in the US.

Sullivan brown gifted all of these more than a dozen water-colours and many photographs to AZIMVTH Ashram.

Impact & Next Levels

To further develop the artistic aspects of this form of Vinyasa Yoga, AZIMVTH Ashram is utilising these dozen art works for a book on Sun Salutation to be produced soon. Having attended ‘365 Haridwar’ international artist residency programme, Sully looks forward to leading more film-projects, becoming a better artist, a better person, and a global citizen.

“India is quite a place. Very different from USA. I greatly appreciate (AZIMVTH’s) hard work in helping me feel as welcome as possible. (They) are the best to host this kind of residency. All were helpful in introducing me to India for 1st time.” 

“Very great learning experience – mentally, physically and spiritually. Tarun is very well connected, got to see a lot of cool things.”