Portraits of Pilgrims

Cora Batley-Moss Cora SIS
BA, PGCE, United Kingdom

“Delicious food was a high-point of my stay!”

Cora is a portrait artist from the UK. She teaches art to various nationalities. Her mother is a professional writer.

Some of her art-works (made before coming to ‘365 Haridwar’) are shown below. (Welsh Landscape, Robin, Face Casts)

Welsh landscape 2012

Robin 2012 Face casts 2013

Cora visited India for the residency. In doing this residency, Cora’s focus was to create portraits of the pilgrims, through photography and painting. She captured the expressions and emotions from pilgrimages that occur in Haridwar frequently. Her second priority was to complete some sketchbook work, e.g. drawings and sketches of natural forms and still life found in Haridwar.

During her stay, she was given a basic introduction to Yoga.

An example of an art-work she made at AZIMVTH Ashram is shown below. This original art-work was gifted by her to AZIMVTH Ashram. It is a scene at the Brahma-Kund, on Har-ki-paidi on the banks of Ganges. An old woman is taking a ritual dip. She picks up the water in her palms from the holy Ganges and a Hindu priest is conducting a prayer for her.

“Offerings at (365) Ganges Haridwar”


Impact & Next Levels
Cora hopes to teach her students about the residency and the work she has created. She will also share this with her network of other Art teachers. She also hopes to find some gallery spaces to exhibit her residency work.