Constellations of the Greens


Local flora becomes endless source of inspiration to create new prints. During the residency, a participant is introduced to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian herbal medicine system, in general and the geometrical formation of 27 plants corresponding to the 27 divisions of a night sky as per Hindu astrology, in particular. While in residence, she developed 27 Sun exposure prints of the relevant leaves and drew outlines / frames on 27 large hand-made papers.

Project A: 27 Specimens

A participant can be sent specimens of 27 different leaves. These could be kept for drying, pressed within the pages of thick well thumbed Sanskrit or other books of scriptures. In a few weeks the leaves become completely dried. Each of these could be separately laminated between thin films.

Project B: Solar Exposes

Before laminating, each of the 27 leaves could be kept on photo-sensitive papers and exposed in bright yet non-harsh Sun. Beautiful patterns get created by the Sun exposure.

Project C: Water-colours

A participant can make 27 outlines and preliminary water-colours for each of the 27 leaves on hand made papers.

Project D: Wishing Tree

Kalpa Taru is a concept in eastern philosophy in India. Broadly, it refers to the idea that we sit under a Wishing Tree. What ever we think in our minds becomes reality in life. Positive thoughts do yield. A water colour with 27 leaves could be made.




Trained in Sun Salutation Yoga, breathing exercises, mantra and Om chanting, on a case-to-case basis, helps.

Nakshatra Kalpa Taru