Plein Air Paintings of Temples & Devouts

Plein Air Artist, USA

“I went to Deepak Chopra in California. It was an all day event for 7 days starting at 6:00 am meditating for 30 minutes, and then at lunch and again at dinner. It (AZIMVTH) was different because I learned Yoga breathing at AZIMVTH and how to build energy to send throughout the body and to others.”

Jennifer-Stottle-Taylor-faceJennifer is a well-known plein air and impressionist artist living in the USA. Her professional memberships include – OPA, AIS, AWA, APAA. She has exhibited at scores of events. Some of the important ones are – Mountain Oyster Club in Arizona, Bucks County Plein AIr Invitational, AWA (American Women Artists) show at steamboat Springs, CO. She has been awarded over a dozen prizes. Some of these are – Best of Show in Plein Air for the Southeastern Plein Air invitational,  and Best Wet Weather Painting.  Over the years, Jennifer has been featured by a variety of magazines and publications. Some examples are – Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air Magazine, American Artist.

Jennifer’s art-works are / have been exhibited at several art-galleries like – Beverly Jennifer-Stottle-Taylor-SariMcNeil Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama, Little Green Store, Huntsville, Alabama, Steamboat Springs Art Museum, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, etc.

Jennifer also teaches art – to professional painters as well as hobbyists.

Animal Farm: Jennifer grew up at a farm as a cow-girl and was a jockey. She is a nature and animal lover. At her farm, besides her family, 5 horses, one donkey, dogs, cats, and a pigeon also live more as members of her extended family than mere pets.

Gun-restorer: Once Jennifer found a rifle dating back to the American civil war, in a water-creek that runs through her property. In the olden times,the creek’s spring used to provide water to entire valley where she lives. The Creek Indians used to reside there before it was settled, and fish for Mussels. For years Jennifer apprenticed as a gunsmith, and rust blued guns to museum finish. She met lots of interesting people doing this, such as country music singer Hank Williams, Jr.

Race Horse Rider: For 13 plus years, Jennifer rode and trained Race horses for the track. She was an apprentice Jockey for a farm in Tennessee. The adrenaline for speed and the races captivated her in her early life.

A Typical Day: Jennifer gets up at 5:00 am and starts her meditations. She wears many hats and plays a variety of roles throughout a typical day. After taking care of family, the farm, the pets, she paints at her studio. She teaches art-classes at her other studio in the city where she goes to help with her father’s manufacturing business being a key part of the management. Evenings, especially over the week-ends, are for get-togethers at her farm. Or, she goes to her father’s farm that is much larger and has a thousand walnut trees.


Jennifer paints florals, interiors animals, figurative genres. Some of her recent art-works are displayed below.


Jennifer’s art has been featured on covers of magazines on professional art.

Jennifer has a special love for animals. At her ranch she has many horses, donkeys, pigeons, cats and dogs. Her friends consider her to be a healer.


At AZIMVTH, Jennifer trained in breathing exercises, Sun Salutations Yoga, and mantra chanting. The following video shows her chanting a mantra (she learnt in Haridwar) during a talk she gave at the  (formerly – Light of Christ) Center of Light for Applied  Metaphysics, Alabama USA upon her return.

A lot of her learnings were through discussions and several field-trips in the vicinity of Ganga.

Jennifer had a deep immersion in the local culture. The colour festival of Holi was celebrated during her residency period.

(Images above: Colourful vs. Black & White)


“I enjoyed the challenges we faced trying to find places to paint, and painting the river Ganga.”

A. Painting American Landscapes in India

Jennifer started her residency by painting a copy of her own painting on the subject of storm.

(Images above – left – Storm in the US, right – painted in India)

B. Plein-Air Steps-to-God

Har-ki-Paidi (English: Steps-to-God) is the spot in Hari-dwar (English: God’s-Gate) that is revered for many millenia.

C. Painting Plein-Air Temples

Jennifer painted a couple of temples.

Mansa Devi Temple is situated on a hill which is serviced by a rope-way. Following images show the process.

Displayed below is the final painting. Scenery changes every minute as clouds float by and Sun moves in evening time.


Given below are some videos showing the place and Jennifer making this painting.

Another plein-air painting she made was of Bhola Giri Temple. Images below are for that.

The completed painting is shown below.


Following video shows the plein-air painting in progress.

In the following video Jennifer talks about these two paintings.

D. Animals

Jennifer’s love for animals is reflected in her paintings also. Following images show the paintings she made in Haridwar.

Jennifer Stottle Taylor - animals - horse -breaktime

E. Miscellaneous Subjects

Jennifer also painted on miscellaneous subjects in Haridwar. Following images depict some of the paintings.

F. Study

Besides making paintings, Jennifer also conducted study and did some practice work. Following images show her doing these.

She walked along various branches of Ganga and climbed hills.

There was no dearth of art-connoiseurs who would gather to watch her immersed in her plein-air painting!

Jennifer Stottle Taylor - Study - Chandi Devi - 4


When asked if this residency will be of any immediate and long term use for her art practice, Jennifer replied,

“YES! I am painting and repainting paintings that I painted there and from photographs. I intend to have a show specifically from Haridwar region.”

A. Ideas for More Paintings

Besides the paintings Jennifer made while at residency at AZIMVTH in Haridwar India, as shown above, she has carried back a lot of painting–ideas. She will completing these in the US. An example is shown below.

Jennifer Stottle Taylor - vegetable-salesman

B. Talk at Center of Light for Applied Metaphysics Alabama USA

The following video shows her giving a talk on her India experience at the  (formerly – Light of Christ) Center of Light for Applied  Metaphysics, Alabama USA upon her return.

C. Exhibition JST - Center of Light for Applied Metaphysics, Alabama. USA

Jennifer will be exhibiting her India paintings in the next couple of months.

D. Virtual Workshop, Writing a Book etc.

Jennifer plans many other new projects leading out from her residency experience. Under the aegis of AZIMVTH Ashram, she is leading a new virtual residency programme. More information on this is available here.

Virtual Residency:

Meditative Paintings of Wind & Air: Spiritual Painting & Meditation of ‘Ritual of Breath-work’

Jennifer Taylor gifted many of the art-works made in Haridwar to AZIMVTH.

Jennifer says,

“The AZIMVTH residency gave me ample time to paint, a special studio space, and with the culture and learning increased my creative process. I learned a lot about myself and how to live in the Indian Culture. I would recommend someone go that wants to experience life at a different level and dive deeper into themselves and have some spiritual training. You get back what you put into it. I would return to the residency.”