Donate a Mantra to terminally ill father of an American artist.

Rudra Kali (name changed) is a visual artist in the United States. He paints with vibrant colours and vivid imagination resulting in mystical creations. With his eloquent writing style, that goes into describing his art works, he unpacks many interpretations.

He also makes music and organises events with music and visionary art that help building a supportive community.

During the week-days, he is a full time artist. During week-ends he serves tables at a restaurant.

And he takes care of his terminally ill father who has cancer of multiple organs.

You can help him help his father with managing the end. This could be done through, inter alia, Mritunjaya Mantra. You may either –

  • chant the Mantra,or
  • write it in Sanskrit / English language

This donation of Mantra could be sent to us as an audio file, video file, or image file via e-mail at AZIMVTH at Gmail dot com. Please write in the e-mail message if you would like your name to be disclosed or not. We will pool these together. And also offer at the Mritunjaya Temple in Haridwar, India.

Help is available with correct chanting or writing.

The Mantra to be used is Mritunjaya Mantra. More information is available here.