All residential rooms, studios, and other facilities are available under one roof at AZIMVTH Ashram. Meals are cooked on premises.


Studio-spaces on premises – All studio spaces are shared amongst artists-in-residence. Single rooms have additional private studio space within rooms. The studio-spaces available on premises are – bare multi-purpose studio room (with balcony), studio room (with verandah) with concrete slab across the length, 3 sides open studio space, iron grill studio space for drying fabrics and materials on 2 sides, roof top open studio space. These are further being expanded. More information is available here.

Studio-spaces within cluster – AZIMVTH Ashram is located inside a hundred year old cluster. There are some options, within a radius of 100 metres from AZIMVTH, that can be made available to artists on specific need basis. These are – bathing & ritual ghat, ladies’ fire temple, facility for renunciates, language society premises, secondary school, and, Sri Aurobindo Yog Temple. More information is available here.

Studios of local artisans – Within the vicinity of the residency, many local artisans have their work-spaces the artists-in-residence utilise, with special arrangements, for their projects. Artists try their hands at them but the work is done by the local artisans themselves under collaborations.  Some of these are – within 100 metres (iron welding, wood working, manual screen printing, couture designing / tailoring), within 2 km (clay wheel and kiln, fabric dyeing, goldsmithing, silversmithing, ironsmithing, metal sculpture casting, manual screen printing, POP scultpture making, percussion instrument making, harmonium making, ), 6 km (fabric weaving, hand loom, hand made paper, incense sticks). More information is available here.

Inner studios of the mind – At AZIMVTH, the most unique studio offerings are the explorations of the mind and soul. Artists achieve these through Yoga, various meditation techniques, and innovative question-answer sessions. More information is available here.


Furnished bed-rooms and lodging facilities are available within AZIMVTH. There are several options of sharing or having a private en-suite room. There are other common facilities like lounge-area, small library shelves containing curated author signed books, laundry facility, refrigerator, cooking facility, etc. More information is available here.


There are a very large number of ancient temples, ashrams, maths and such spiritual and religious centres in Haridwar. It is not possible to see and experience all of them even in a month’s time. Artists are taken on curated and guided visits to some of these that are relevant to the work of an artist. More information is available here.