Arts, Crafts, and Literature in Haridwar

There are a variety of arts, crafts, literary work happening in Haridwar for a long time.

The artworks that are made here largely for utility and related to spiritual and religious purposes. These crafts are made by artisans for whom these arts & crafts are professions, and in many cases, hereditary occupations by which they are identified.

Many of the artisans operate out of spaces that could be considered as their studios. Some work-places are quite organised as well.

Some examples are given below.


There is a locality, about 2 km. away from AZIMVTH, that has over twenty retailers of pottery products. These are made locally with the clay found in abundance. Potter’s wheel is used to give shapes and make-shift kilns bake them. More information is here.

Dyeing Fabrics

About 3 km away from AZIMVTH, there are some dyers who dye fabrics and garments as well. The dyeing is quite artistic and versatile. Many different colours and patterns are possible. More information is here.

Hand Made Paper

6 km away from AZIMVTH is a place where hand-made paper are made. More information is here.


An Agarbatti, or incense stick, is commonly lighted during most ceremonies. These are also made in Haridwar. More information is here.


AZIMVTH are currently developing many craft items made by knitting jute ropes, twines etc. More information is here.

Manual Screen Printing

Weaving & Spinning

Weaving & spinning used to be cottage industry in Haridwar. Now, it happens only at one place in the Haridwar town. But in many other villages, it is a common activity amongst women. More information is here.