Constellations of the Greens

Anna Michelis BFA, Canada “Unforgettable experience to spend my birth day evening at the Ganga Aarati on the full moon!” About Anna works for the National Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada. She primarily works with various intaglio techniques (photo intaglio and etching), and also sometimes combines silkscreen printing techniques. Her style and aesthetic focus … Continue reading Constellations of the Greens

Digitally Divine

William Sullivan Brown USA Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California. “Within hours of arriving in India, I accompanied Tarun Kumar for a group audience / talk with HH Dalai Lama!” About Sully works as an illustrator and animation production designer for television at Los Angeles, … Continue reading Digitally Divine

Artists with Children

"The Infants of the monarchy of the worlds, The heroic leaders of a coming time, King-children nurtured in that spacious air Like lions gambolling in sky and sun Received half-consciously their godlike stamp: Formed in the type of the high thoughts they sang They learned the wide magnificence of mood That makes us comrades of … Continue reading Artists with Children

Artists at 365 Haridwar Have All AZIMVTH angles Experience

Summary of Artists’ Projects Summary of the projects accomplished by the artists while at residency at AZIMVTH can be viewed here. Artists Complete details on the backgrounds and projects of each individual artist can be viewed by clicking the relevant links given at the page here. Themes of Artists’ Projects The over-arching theme of programmes at … Continue reading Artists at 365 Haridwar Have All AZIMVTH angles Experience

Artist Family in India: Children & Art, Escaping Pollution

Encourage children for liberal arts, enjoy a learning vacation, away from pollution, avail grants from USD 120 to USD 650 Duration 3 – 7 days Banks of Ganges, foothills of Himalayas Haridwar, India 250 km from New Delhi Family size - 2 to 4 persons Duration of art residency - 3 to 7 days Fee … Continue reading Artist Family in India: Children & Art, Escaping Pollution