Performing & Performance: Universal.

Chanting of Mantras, invocation of sacred shlokas and hymns, singing of prayers can also be considered as a kind of divine performing arts. Pouring devotion into these makes them performance arts as well.

Hierarchy of Devotion - image Napatt Piawongwatthana

(Image credit: Both by Napatt Piyawongwatthana. The featured image at the top of the page shows Ganga Arati in progress, after the ashes of Late Sh. A.B. Vajpayi, an ex Prime Minister of India were immersed).

Participants are taught the accurate pronunciations, memorising of exact texts (lyrics), appropriate postures, and in some cases writing them as well.

Although Mantras are chanted in simple tones, artists like to stylise them with singing and music.

An example of Mritunjaya Mantra can be see here.