Chiseling a Logo, Creating an Identity

AZIMVTH offers 2 levels of spiritual-brand-identity services –

1. Rendering an existing identity

AZIMVTH works with local artisans to carve out logos / brand identities of ventures / organisations in wooden blocks. The artisans make woodblocks to hand-print motifs on fabrics. A video below shows the artisans at work.

CL Logo Sanskrit WoodThis service includes providing –

  • 1 artistically hand-carved logo in a wood block that could actually be used as a stamp to print on paper and other substrates. This will be monochrome. For more than one colours, separate request has to be made.
  • 1 machine made small stamp
  • 4 stamp pads of colours – red, blue, black, and green.
  • 5 artistic prints of the logo on paper hand-made in Haridwar

Text: If the logo includes any alpha-numeric characters, then these will be rendered as visual elements. It is possible to translate the English language alphabets and numbers in to corresponding Sanskrit language ones at an additional cost, making another set of such stamps.

Tag-line:  If the logo has an added tag-line, then it will be rendered as visual elements. This will be another set of stamps at an additional cost. This will not be translated in to Sanskrit language.

Fee: The fee is USD 100. Postage extra.

Low Carbon France stamps - banner

2. Creating an altogether new identity

AZIMVTH creates altogether new identities, including logos, only for those ventures that have some connection to spirituality / mindfulness. The fee is determined on a case-to-case basis. Examples of services at this level are given below.

  • New / modified name powered by Astrology
  • New / modified graphic element
  • New / modified tagline