Yoga of Ganga and Kaveri

Spirituality & Arts  / Crafts
5 Days of Yoga, Meditation, and  Creativity

3rd – 7th February 2020
9:00 am – 12 Noon


Ancient Connections: Let’s meditate together upon and for life-giving rivers


  • The (Western) Ganga dynasty of Talakadu that ruled Karnataka from 350 CE were named after Ganga.
  • Sandhyavandhana mantra, the oldest extant liturgy in world faiths, begins with a homage to Ganga and ends with Kaveri.
  • When farmers in south India dig a well and if they get water, they perform “Ganga Puja”.
  • Richard Hieram Sankey, a British civil engineer spent few years in Haridwar and made the painting shown above.
  • Then he came to Bengaluru and made the Sankey Tank.


  • Ganga water from Har-ki-paidi in Haridwar and from Gangotri
  • Rudraksh from trees in Haridwar – ashram where Shiva came for betrothal and ashram containing memorial of Guru of Guru of Paramhans Yogananda.
  • Beil leaves, lotus seeds, sandalwood of Mysuru
  • Sphatik, the natural rock quartz
  • Materials brought in by participants


  • Writing names of ancestors with ater-colour painting using Ganga Jal
  • Making bracelet and mala with Rudraksh
  • Motifs with Beil leaves
  • Spiritual writing
  • Spiritual art


  • Aum chanting
  • Breath-work
  • Sun Salutations Yoga
  • Guided meditation
  • Visualisations


3, 4, 5, 6 February
09:00 AM to 12 Noon

  • Introduction
  • Yoga: Aum chanting, Breath-work, Sun Salutations Yoga, Guided meditation, Visualisations.
  • Spiritual arts: Making bracelet or pendant with Rudraksh, sandalwood, and Sphatik. Making water-colour with Ganga Jal – name initials, Om, and any other motif.
  • Discussions: Writing brief memoirs / thoughts and sharing.
  • New related topic.
  • Assignment / mini-project.


7 Feb     09:00 AM to 12 Noon Friday

  • Closing Session: Meditative Walk near Sanke’s Tank
  • Confluence of waters: Ganga from Haridwar and water from Participants’ homes with Sanke Tank.


  • Two kinds of partners are needed.
  • One should have an expertise in any of these areas – Yoga meditation, spirituality, any form of fine-arts/creativity. He//she will jointly conduct sessions with us.
  • The other partner should be a resident of any gated community in Whitefield, Bengaluru. He/she should have at least a minimum appreciation and interest in any of these areas – Yoga meditation, spirituality, any form of fine-arts/creativity. He / she should coordinate venue in his/her community for the work-shop.
  • A partner may organise the event at a non-commercial venue like a clubhouse / community centre of his/her community.
  • Or, at an open space of his/her home.
  • The event will be held on not-for-profit basis wherein partners will share in expenses and contributions.
  • A partner can decide on pricing good enough to meet expenses.
  • Ideally, number of participants should be around 9.
  • No significant investment of cash is anticipated.
  • Key materials will be provided by AZIMVTH.


  • Individual attention as the number would not exceed 9.
  • Participate in creative process
  • Opportunity to contribute to environment-awareness
  • Carry back treasured souvenirs and relivable memories
  • Experience and learn an applied aspect of spirituality.


1 Day   (3 hours)   Rs. 2500
2 Days (6 hours)   Rs. 4500
3 Days (9 hours)   Rs. 6000
4 Days (12 hours) Rs. 7000
5 Days (15 hours) Rs. 7500


Please complete and submit the following form to express interest to partner or participate and know more.


BENGALURU - Yoga of Ganga and Kaveri

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BENGALURU – Yoga of Ganga and Kaveri