This is an independent module of 5 hours. It explores the inter-relationships of words and texts with visual art forms. This module is exclusively available to participants of the virtual writing retreat at no extra cost.

Text and words are important to all kinds of creative work, not just to creative writing but also to painters, musicians and others. This module dwells on various aspects, examples given below.

  • Composing titles of paintings, visual arts and other art forms
  • Using text as part of visual arts
  • Innovative use of devices that are meant for text, eg, manual type-writer
  • Digital visual art made using iPhone

Painter Carol  Zukosky, a participant ay one of our recent virtual residencies, wrote a poem ‘The Call of Gaia 2020’ during the programme.


Participants of our previous virtual residencies who are visual artists or performing artists have written poems and songs respectively.

Written texts and words are important for visual artists not just for writing titles and illustrated stories. Some artists weave words in to the process of making their visual arts.

Pennsylvania based symbolic modernist figure painter Rachel Romano was a guest at one of AZIMVTH’s recently concluded month-long virtual artist residencies. She says, “My painting wall is covered in paper. White paper. Mostly so that I do not have to repaint the wall every time. As I am working I write on that paper. And I have had people wanting to buy my wall, paper because its almost like graffiti like experience. People come in and think — can I take that and frame that. And I say, no I need my wall.

Words are a big part of me. I am a story teller.”