Concordance of Sun Salutationes

Surya-Namaskar at Hours of Gods


Physical exercise: Those who are venturing out of their homes sparingly need compact exercise routine that is more than just a form of physical exercise. The course ‘Concordance of Sun Salutationes’ is a solution.


Humans need air, water, and food to live. We do not ‘consume’ sunlight the way plants do to convert it to food through the process of photosynthesis. Sun is the vital source of vitamin D.

Yet, humans are also directly impacted by Sun in many ways that we do not commonly realize. Human digestive system, performance of small & large intestine to be more specific, works on the rhythm of Sun rise. The concept of the Circadian rhythm and correlation ship of sleep with Sun is medically well established.

The course ‘Concordance of Sun Salutationes’ is focussed upon expanding the 12 step Yoga protocol of Sun Salutations to become a meditative practice.

Participants learn the five progressive stages of the physical Yoga graduating to a spiritual practice and culminating in higher personalised ritual meditation involving specific ‘seed’ mantras.

Time: Ideally, this practice is to be conducted at dawn and dusk. However, it can be done at any other time also, but after ensuring a gap of three hours from a meal.


  • The course explores Surya Namaskar at higher spiritual and ritual levels from the mere physical Hatha-yoga thus making it a rich meditative practice.
  • Emphasis is laid on customisation for each participant.
  • It is a complete Yoga routine and in 30 minutes time, one can achieve a lot.


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