Charaiveti Mantra: For Walkers, Joggers, and, Movers & Shakers

Charaiveti Mantra (33.3) is from ‘Aitreya Brahman’ which was written in about 750 B.C.

The mantra is not used as a prayer and can be considered as an aphorism that is an applied aspect of spiritual thoughts in line with ‘Walk the Talk’.

It is a set of 5 mantras, each ending with ‘charaiveti’ which means ‘keep walking’.

नानाश्रान्ताय श्रीरस्तीति रोहित शुश्रुम ।
पापो नृषद्वरो जन इन्द्र इच्चरतः सखा चरैवेति ॥

पुष्पिण्यौ चरतो जङ्घे भूष्णुरात्मा फलग्रहिः ।
शेरेऽस्य सर्वे पाप्मानः श्रमेण प्रपथे हतश्चरैवेति ॥

आस्ते भग आसीनस्योर्ध्वस्तिष्ठति तिष्ठतः ।
शेते निपद्यमानस्य चराति चरतो भगश्चरैवेति ॥

कलिः शयानो भवति संजिहानस्तु द्वापरः ।
उत्तिष्ठस्त्रेता भवति कृतं संपाद्यते चरंश्चरैवेति ॥

चरन् वै मधु विन्दति चरन् स्वादुमुदुम्बरम् ।
सूर्यस्य पश्य श्रेमाणं यो न तन्द्रयते चरंश्चरैवेति ॥

The last one is not only the most important of the five mantras but also it is the crux of the whole of the scripture of ‘Aitreya Brahman’. A loose transliteration is given below.

“A man on the move gets to enjoy honey and Udambar like delicious fruits. Sun is seen with respect because it isn’t lazy despite moving all the time. Like that, one should also) keep walking, keep walking.”

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