Meditations 2019

01 February 2019 to 28 February 2019 (In a leafy suburb, tropical plateaus of Bangalore, southern India.) Suggested contribution USD 4350 per participant "On meditation’s mounting edge of trance Great stairs of thought climbed up to unborn heights Where Time’s last ridges touch eternity’s skies And Nature speaks to the spirit’s absolute." Meditation, or Dhyana … Continue reading Meditations 2019

Summary of Artists’ Projects

Artists Details on the backgrounds and projects of some of these individual artists can be viewed by clicking the relevant links given at the page here. We select only those artists whose arts have some connection to spirituality. Due to the specific nature of our residencies we are particular about the artists. During the recent one-and-half … Continue reading Summary of Artists’ Projects

Musical Collaboration With the Holy

Brett Goldstein BA, Cognitive Science & Psychology, High Honors University of California, Berkeley USA "This (stay at AZIMVTH residency) has been a profound period of growth both artistically and spiritually and I owe it to Tarun and AZIMVTH...Great introduction (to Yoga and meditation) felt real improvements over the weeks." Till a few months before coming … Continue reading Musical Collaboration With the Holy

Prolifically Spiritual Experiments on Metal, Stone, and Wood

Sarah Gilbert (Homa) Painter of France "I liked a lot improving my Yoga, learning another way of life, visiting the temples, slowing down." Sarah Gilbert is a practicing artist. Most of her paintings are inspired by real, surreal and virtual world. These are of urban landscape, minimalist architecture where nature passes across a technological grid, … Continue reading Prolifically Spiritual Experiments on Metal, Stone, and Wood

Story-telling in Black and White

Laleh Torabi  Germany "Very friendly and helpful. Nice and friendly rooms. Nice fabrics. Simple but very tasty (food). Very considerate. Everybody is cared for individually." Laleh Torabi (LT) is a visual artist; she draws and tells stories. LT believes that each step, each encounter, each story enriches her vision.  She carefully listen to this new … Continue reading Story-telling in Black and White

Songs to the Fauna of the Hills

Nicolaj Wamberg Master of Folk Music, Academy of Music, Southern Denmark "I liked to be introduced to the Indian culture, the city, traditions, spirituality. Openness at all times." Nicolaj Wamberg is a musician, freelance artist, and dancer. He teaches violin and singing. He has also done exchanges in Liszt Academy, Budapest, Hungary for one year … Continue reading Songs to the Fauna of the Hills

One Torn Shroud and Five Elements

Barbara Silverman BFA, Syracuse University, 1969, USA "The art supplies and studios were more than I expected. Helpful explanations and education schedule (of Yoga and meditation)." After retirement, Barbara teaches mosaic arts and provides guided tours at art museums like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bedford Fine Art Gallery, and earlier The Contemporary … Continue reading One Torn Shroud and Five Elements